Extractor fan - DP fused spur or fan isolation switch?

1 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom

I am installing a 12v extractor fan in my ensuite and i am trying to find out what kind of isolation i need. Looking around there are 2 ways of doing it

Double pole Fused spur
3 pole Fan isolation switch

The extractor fan i have has a built in timer so obviously has 3 poles, which method would you recommend i use, DP fused spur or the 3 pole fan isolation switch? If i use the DP fused switch how would i wire it in so that the fan is activated when i turn on the lights?

Any help appreciated!

Andrew :)
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The Isolator is to protect anyone doing maintenance on the fan so there is no need to install an isolator in the 12v feed. If its fed from a fused spur then there will only be two live cables and a DP isolator will suffice.
ok, so I am feeding the transformer with a sw live, perm live and neutral from the light fitting. How do i fit the DP fused spur into this?
If your feeding live, switched live and neutral you will need to fit a 3 pole isolator.
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So i dont need a Fused spur then, it is ok to fit the fan with no fuse between the light and the fan?

Because the instructions with the fan state that a DP fused spur must be used, but i cannot work out how to do this when i have 3 poles?

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