Feather boarding fencing positioning

17 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,
I am trying to save myself hundreds of pounds erecting my garden fence. I had major work last year 2019 on my garden. New fence and retaining wall on one side and new patio.
If you look at the attached photos last year I erected 3 x 8ft posts at the top of my garden. The problem is the garden is on a slight slope.
The first photo is I attached 6 inch gravel boards following the slope and staying in line with the fence on the right. #1 photo I fitted the gravel boards in line with the slope. But the feather boards didn't look right. I think they need to be straight at the top. So I removed them all.
If I kept the gravel boards level look at the gaps between the lawn and gravel board in #2. You can see the yellow spirit level on the gravel board. That would be continued to the left and leave a huge gap.
So wouldn't be better to keep the gravel boards in #1 and then get longer feather boards and just trim the top so it remains straight? Any thoughts? Thanks.
Photos attached.


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I would of stuck with no 1 and followed the line of your slope whilst keeping the feather boards vertical

It would of then matched the fencing on the right hand side which appears to slope down at the end anyway

The other way is to drop the gravel board into the ground to lose that gap but that would mean to keep the top horizontal you would end up with a step in-between the posts which wouldn't match the fence on the right hand side

Personally what you did on the back fence before you removed it looked pretty good, as long as you keep the gravel boards to the same slope I think it will work
Thanks for your advice.
I much prefered the #1 with the gravel boards following the slope.
I just didn't like the top of the boards following same angle as the gravel board.
It just didn't look right. I am thinking of keeping the gravel boards in line with the slope, attaching the boards but from the height of the fence on the top right side keeping the top of the boards straight all the way to the left post which means attaching the boards over 6ft then I can trim the top so it's all straight otherwise the 6ft boards will drop as you go along.
The original fence was straight with no gravel boards. Photo attached.


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Ok guys
Would appreciate some feedback no matter if negative.
I'm attaching some photos which I took this afternoon.
I bought some clamps so 2 positions.

1• keeping the gravel boards in line with new fence on right.
2• One position is keep gravel boards horizontal leaving huge gap underneath. How would you fill that?
3• Second position would position the gravel boards following slope. I've raised them a little compared to where they were in original photo.
4• I've clamped feather board one each side and stretched white cotton from one end to other. (That's all I had).
It looks pretty horizontal which I want the top of the boards to be.
5• If I attach 6ft feather boards right along ( I might have to purchase a few longer boards for the left side). I think it'll look much better than my original effect where the top of the boards slope in line with the gravel boards.
The white cotton in photo's 1 you'll have to zoom in.

Please add your thoughts.


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