Filling a door frame gap due to frame bowing

22 May 2017
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Bristol, UK
United Kingdom
My front door is in a frame that has bowed (subsidence from years ago) with a major gap on the hinge side which starts at 4mm (acceptable) at the very top and gets up to 16mm in the centre and then returns to about 12mm right at the floor. The door has two window lights either side so I don't want to replace everything just now as can't afford it really and was wondering about filling it with some strip wood.

Was thinking about fitting some strip wood say 8mm (slightly tapered at the top end) and then packed out in the middle with a return piece of strip wood covering the spacers.

I have done something similar before which worked OK but wondered if there are better approaches to consider.


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Open the door, apply a liberal bead of something squidgy and flexible when set (like silicone) to the jamb, cover door sidein a strip of cling film or spray both sides with soapy water, close the door. When set, remove film

You can put decorative strip on the inside later; my first priority would be to draught seal that gap, which strip wood on packers ain't gonna do
That is a good quick fix suggestion especially if exposed to the elements but in fact, and perhaps I should have included this in the original post, that this old wooden door is protected from the rain by an exterior aluminium porch door. But since that door is single glazed aluminium it does not give a lot of warmth benefit.

My quick fix against draughts is a heavy curtain it is helping as temperatures dive here in Bristol.

So I want to do a cheap lasting fix but does not need to be massively urgent.
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Just what I was about to write

There is also a security strip that interlocks a J section steel strip on the frame with one on the door, and draughtstrips, though your gap is abnormally large.
Thanks guys... I will be working on this in the next couple of weeks and will post some pics if not ttoo shameful :)

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