fire detector and relay base wiring

17 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
hi everyone
need some advice on installing a fire detector into my alarm system.
My equiptment
alarm panel :- accenta metal gen4 lcd
fire detector :- system sensor ECO1002
relay base :- system sensor ECO100BREL12L

as far as i understand from the wiring diagram
i connect the +ve and -ve from the alarm panel to the relay base,
i connect the alarm sensor connections to the relay terminals on the relay base,
then after testing i install the detector onto the base.
what i don't understand is how the relay base and the fire detector work together.

how does the detector trigger the relay in the base ?
how is the detector led connected to the base led terminals ?
is the the detector opened via the back to access any connections to it ?
the fire detector and base is the latching type, is the detector reset through the alarm panel or by some external means ?

i have never wired a detector with relay base before so if anyone has experience wiring up the detector and panel that i have , i would appreciate their input
thanx shadrock
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iknow its a bit late but...
the detector has more than two pins... yes? (usually has 4. +in, +out (to next detector, -, rem led output) the +ve is the +in, the -ve is the -.
when the detector goes into alarm the led on the detector lights up and +5v is supplied through the rem led output pin. this is used to activate external leds or in this case... your relay base. because the '-ve' pin is the common ground if you put a relay coil rated at 5v across the 'rem led output' and '-ve' then the relay will activate when the detector goes into alarm. this is what your relay base does.

as for resetting... the detector will stay in alarm condition until power is removed. on a fire alarm system when the 'RESET' button is pressed it removes power to the detectors for a couple of seconds. if there is still smoke in the detector it will go back into alarm.

hopefully your alarm panel will have some sort of reset power output that cuts power for a couple of seconds when you reset the system.

hope this helped...
- luke
the eco works fine on the texecom and galaxy panels you just need to connect it to detector reset on your panel ( check to see if its switched positive or negative).
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And wire it into either zone 7 or 8 and use flag 2 to pulse the externals.

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