Fitting coat hook rack in crumbling plaster

19 Apr 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi All,
I'm trying to fit a rack for coat hooks in a wall- the rack has two holes to hang on screws. I've drilled holes in the wall for plugs but the plaster is crumbling away, so the holes just keep growing wider, and there's no way a plug will grip in there. Does anybody have any ideas as to what to do? I was thinking either fit a plug surrounded by some sort of filler, or do away with screws and try to use some sort of Hard as Nails epoxy- will this hold the weight of a number of coats hanging off hooks though?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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How deep are you drilling? What are you fixing into, not plasterboard I hope :confused: . The fixings must go into somethign solid, a stud or the block/brickwork behind the plaster/render typically 15mm thick. What type of wall is it?

A "loaded" coat hook will need at least 50mm or even 60mm fixings into something solid if it's not to fall off the wall when you hang your dress off it! :LOL:
It's not plasterboard- as far as I can tell there's brickwork behind the plaster but I'm struggling to get into it with a fairly pathetic cordless drill. I'm not getting anything like 50 or 60mm in- if I manage to get some distance into the brickwork behind, presumably I don't need to worry as much about the plaster falling away?
If you can get someone to give a lend of an SDS, it'll drill 50 to 60mm into the bricks in seconds with out any problem.
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Chuck the rubbish cordless you have into the skip; they are a waste of time for drilling masonry unless you buy some seriously decent kit. You don't even need an SDS; just buy or borrow a budget mains powered hammer drill, probably 20 quid’s worth, it's a few seconds work with a masonry bit.

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