Fitting Skirts, after carpet, do I trim skirts or carpet (half skirts already fitted)

11 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
In the small box bedroom (2mtr square), whilst slowly renovating, we have been left in a strange situation.
2 Skirts on opposite sides fitted down to floorboards.
Carpet fitted up against these skirts
Remaining skirts are now sitting a few mm proud.
(don't ask how we got here)

So what is the best thing to do for a DIYer

1) Trim the bottom of remaining skirts and fit on top of the carpet
2) Trim the carpet and fit remaining skirts to the floor boards
3) Take off initial skirts and refit on top of carpet

In my head the pro and cons are
1) As long as I trim the remaining skirts are the right depth and a flat line you will never tell. Potentially the easiest to do. If you ever replace the carpet you just fit it the same style 2 sides under, 2 sides up to it
2) Trimming the carpet, if this goes wrong I could make a real mess
3) As the skirts will only be moved up a few mm it's likely the holes will overlap and as such I'll have to drill new ones and fill the old ones in the wood. Also the carpet may leave a small gap.


Extra question.
Should a carpet be tucked under a skirt or up against it?
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Carpet fits up to skirts not under it.
Stop faffing and fit the skirts properly.
By that you mean I pull up the carpet, fit the skirts, then re-fit the carpet, trimming it where appropriate?

Would I need one of those knee kicker tools? or not needed as the carpet has already been 'stretched'?

To get a clean edge, should I use a stanley knife (or anything better), do you tuck it under itself or does it naturally finish nicely?

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Google How to fit carpet. Much depends on the type of carpet, but for 2sqm it hardly matters.

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