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29 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but wasn't sure what other one to put it in.

In my flat, now it's the summer we are suffering from A LOT of heat. I have an upstairs flat in a 2 story maisonette. In the winter we suffer from the cold as we have no central heating, but now in the summer it's the complete flip side.

I have a barometer on top the stairs which has been sat about 24degrees and last night took home a thermometer from my office and that was sat at 26 from the time I got home, through to sleeping in bedroom with fan on, to waking up this morning. It is cooler however If we go down the stairs to the front door.

Been told that obviously cavity wall would help for winter coldness and possibly stop heat getting in. Also being told that cavity could make this heat worse as we aren't getting it out.

I was wondering this morning whether the incorrect thickness of roof insulation would help stop the heat getting down and maybe the heat we are getting is from the roof space above us?

Not sure if this is a stupid thought of mine or no and would be keen to hear advice to help solve this.

My girlfriend is from SA so isn't feeling hot, but does feel the cold in the winter, I'm the opposite, so need to try and find something to fix both solutions.

Many thanks
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Is the loft insulated? If not have it done. Also see your landlord/letting agent about having the walls done.

Insulation will keep heat in in winter, but keep heat out in summer - not in.

Otherwise you need to sort out some proper ventilation and use some fans to move air around, which will lower internal temperatures a few degrees
The loft is insulated, but not to the right thickness I think.

I am actually the owner or though the flat below us is renting and I've spoken to the landlord and trying to get cavity sorted, as I've been told we both need it doing.

So the insulation then in the loft, if to the correct level, that would help in the summer and stop the heat from coming in?

So the insulation then in the loft, if to the correct level, that would help in the summer and stop the heat from coming in?
In theory!

If you've a loft hatch, opening that or leaving it ajar with the windows open can sometimes create a good draft through the property.
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Well I know the loft is hot when I popped up the other day to put the heater up and bring the fan down.

What would be the correct procedure with regards windows. At the momet I have the trickle vents open on all the windows and close the curtains by day.

All brand new double glazing and would it be best to open and leave them on the night vents as well by day?
So leave them on night vent while I'm at work, obviously don't want to leave them completely open when I'm not there. In evenings and by day when we are there we open them all wide

If they are not open when you are at work, then the flat will get hot, and store the heat. So it will be hot at night

Opening trickle vents is not going to achieve much
Sorry confused by the no. You saying yes or no to putting them on night vents by day while at work. Obviously leaves nice gap and can be locked without leaving them widely open.
When you're not there, leave them on the nightlocks, when you get home, open them, have a long cold shower, get down to your pants and show some good old fashioned British Stiff Upper Lip. Buy some fans or an air conditioner. It'll probably be raining next week anyway.
ahh freddy, I see you are from Devon too, I'm in Exeter. Even up to now, I'm sat ere with windows open behind me and nice draught on the back of my neck but temp still reading 26.

Got fan in bedroom for when sleeping but obviously circulating hot air.

Well you've all confirmed my suspicions and will do as suggested and hopefully will get cavity and loft sorted soon. Was just getting told in work that loft insulation might make it worse and trap air.

Anyway, rain forecasted for weekend, good ol british weather

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