Foil quilt insulation to ceiling

19 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
I'm going to take down the lath and plaster ceiling in my sons room and double board it with 12.5 plasterboard. I was thinking of stapling foil quilted insulation to the joists before hand, will this have any insulating benefits?
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Don't waste your time and money - the quilted foil products are a rip-off.
Despite manufacturer's claims, they are nowhere near as good as they lead people to believe. A recent court case determined that their testing methods, and subsequent advertising claims, were flawed.

The quilts work almost solely by reflecting radiant heat. The layers of wadding between the foils have practically no effect on the total insulation value of the product, because they are so thin.

To have any effect at all, both sides of the foil have to be facing an air space, so fixing board directly underneath the foil defeats the object. In that case, the insulation value is only the reflected heat from one exposed surface, which will be quite small.

You would get the same insulation value, at a fraction of the cost, by applying a layer of foil-backed plasterboard to the joists first (foil facing away from the room), and then your second layer of plasterboard under that.
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Thanks for the advise, I may just do away with foil idea completely and just go for standard plasterboard. This is the first room I'm doing, I'm going to work my way though the whole house trying to make it cheaper to run. It's a 115 years old so the heats pouring out, but with so many products and conflicting advise it's knowing where to start.
Why not just put some fibreglass quilt between the joists? Cheap and effective.
I took down all of my downstairs ceilings and fitted fibre glass insulation then double boarded.

All I can say is 'what a f**king difference'

The house is much warmer, upstairs and down also there is minimal noise from the little people when playing.

I have also insulated the loft with 400mm of insulation. The wife complains of the house being too warm even with no heating on.

I will be using fibreglass in the loft, I was just wondering if there is anything else I could do whilst it's at this stage.

Good to know it worked out for you Andy is there much difference in the different makes of fibreglass? I was going to use rockwall acoustic batts in the ground floor ceiling when I get that far. With the loft I'm hoping to get it done for free from British gas so I think I'll get what I'm given.
So the ceiling is between which rooms?
If between ground/first floors then providing you insulate the loft well, it not really be required.

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