17 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
hello there,I have a Ford Focus Ghia Td Di V reg.

I was driving and the engine suddenly stopped.
I took it to a mechanic and he said that it was the timing belt.
When he checked it he said that the timing belt is there,
so he opened the engine and said it might be that the timing belt jumped.
So he changed the valves and put every thing back.
but the car wouldn't start.
we called RAC and RAC said that the diesel was coming with low pressure.
We booked the car with the ford dealer.
Ford diagnosed the problem as being a diesel pump problem.
It would cost me £1500 to get it fixed there, which wasn't worth it.
Therefore I paid £225 for the diagnosis and i took my car out and went back to the same mechanic and he bought a second hand fuel pump and replaced it.
But the car wouldn't start. Because the immobiliser wouldn't go off.I have spent almost £850 and there has been no result.
i am just wondering if you can help me please?
1- when the diesel pump is changed do i need to recode the new second hand pump? Or I need to reset the ECU? 2- can it be done with OBD scanner and removed the fault? 3- If i disconnected negative battery lead and turn on light and other electrical thing on in order to empty the electricity in the system and put back the battery lead again would it reset the ECU or by doing this i would re cod other thing or possibly damage other thing?
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The pump went in my dad's T plate Focus TD and when getting a second hand pump it had to be recoded to the immobiliser (or vice versa). The kit required is apparently quite expensive, and probably has slightly less computing power than a Nintendo Gameboy...

Of course, the guys who fitted my dad's pump jacked on the sump without spreading the load and crushed it into the oil pipe, causing oil starvation and ending up with them replacing the whole engine for him FOC with a low milage unit they'd got cheap to take the pump from in the first place :)
Check all wiring to the fuel pump , with that age of car it is possible that there are bare wires touching. I had this problem and was told new fuel pump, but after sitting a few minutes the car started and ran for 10 mins plus then cut out. An expert Auto eletric mechanic refused to believe a previous diagnosis that a new pump was needed, searched and discovered bare wires. Diagnostics are OK but you need some one to understand what is happening and how to read them . This guy gave me a warrnty on his repair and the car had 205,000 miles on the clock.
The cost of repair estimate from main dealer £1050. actual cost £97.
Since the repair the car has covered 5500 miles troublefree. I and my family have 4 Focus diesels with a total mileage of 560,000miles. Hope this helps if you have not solved the problem, It could also be a faulty cylinder head temp sensor which is a cheap repair.
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you can bypass the immobiliser on the pump, and any decent garage will know how. It takes a bit of butchering but is possible!