ford focus 1.8 diesel wont start in the morning



Hi my ford focus 1.8 diesel wont start in the mornings, when i turn on the ignition the car tries to start (engine is turning) but the engine does not kick in. I got jump leads and connected them up to my car and another car and she will start no bother then. So does the problem have to be the battery or could it possibly be another problem? because when i put a charge on the battery she will start up with no problem. Any advice?
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It sure sounds like your battery is below par, if jump starting gets you away......I guess the motor just isn't spinning fast enough.
There's a terrific battery drain in these cold mornings, with glow plugs needed too.
John :)
Yea because once she is up and started in the morning, she will start no bother for the rest of the day that is untill the next morning and then the jump leads are out again. New battery needed so.
My car battery is rated at 12V, i checked the batterys voltage on the diagnostics on the dashboard. it was flickering between b 11.4 and b 11.5 is this much too low if the battery is rated at 12V also will i change the glow plugs? or do they be changed on service. thanks
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I would have your alternator checked out, the voltage should be about 14v with the engine running and all electrics on ( lights,blower, heated screen etc ).
Have this checked before you splash out on a battery.
If your car starts ok with a fully charged battery (using jump leads) then the glow plugs are working ok and no they don't change them as part of a service
unless you ask or they advise it.

The 1.8, especially if it's a TDCI won't even try to star unless it's doing a certain RPM on hte starter (750rpm from memory). If the battery is knackered you'll never get it to go.

Ford batteries rarely last more than 5 years from new. Just go spend a few quid on a new battery and you should be all set.