Ford 1.8 diesel L reg / hard to start in mornings ........

22 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Lo there

I've got a 1.8 diesel escort van on a 1994 plate 'L reg'. It struggles to start in the morning. It's had a new battery on it and new glow plugs. It has to have at least 5 glows in the morning, sometimes 10 (starts a little easier). I wait for the light to go out and then listen for the click from the engine bay. When I'm cranking it over I do get grey smoke from exhaust, sometimes I will floor the acclerater to try and get it starting quicker or sometimes I leave it alone. Once it has started and run for about 10mins or so, it's fine. But it's a pig to start from cold, next thing to go will probally be the started :cry:

So any surrgestons people. The mileage is clocking on for 150,000. I'm a courier do a lot of miles.
Also where is the CSV (cold start valve) on this escort 1.8 diesel engine ?

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You say the glow plugs have been changed!

They have been known to fail at any time.

Are you able to disconnect each one in turn and measure the resistance to chassis? Should be very low about 2 ohms roughly!

Have you measured the voltage when the glow plugs are heating? Should be 9-12v The relay can have burnt contacts!

This model should fire up on the first turn of the engine!

Common fault on these is faulty fuel primer (black knob used to prime diesel up when you run out of fuel) air gets into fuel system overnight resulting in bad/no starting.To confirm problem try priming system by pushing black knob in several times (you should feel resistance increasing with each push) before starting in morning-if she starts easier fit new primer/filter assembly.Approx £45
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