peugeot 307 2.0 diesel (110) starting problem when cold

10 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom

I am new to this but here goes........I have had starting problems with my pug 307 2.0 diesel (110) it turns over fast enough but just wont fire!

I have replaced the battery for 750 cold crank amps,just replaced the glow plugs,had the high pressure diesel pump recondisioned and bought and replced starter motor with a 2nd hand one, it started yesterday at 8 degrees fine but once again today it wouldnt start at 5 degrees.

It always seems to be when its cold.

Also i have an intermittent engine management fault.......the code said something about lamda sensor? could this be the problem??

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Listen carefully when you turn the ignition on, can you here the in tank fuel pump running for a second or so if not it could be failing. If yours doesn't have an in tank pump you could have air getting into the fuel line allowing the fuel to drain back to the tank when parked.

Its worth checking that the glowplugs are receiving 12v when could expect poor starting and considerable smoke if they aren't.
John :)
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If you have a fuel primer bulb, pump it until it goes hard, if it then starts OK you have an air leak. What John says about the glow plugs is valid although my experience with Hdi engines is that they will start quite happily without them but certainly check them if all else fails.