Fiesta Diesel cold starting and heating problem

Should a customer express concern over a poor performance or starting concern, this may be the result of premature cam plate wear within the fuel injection pump. This concern affects only Bosch fuel injection pumps, which can be identified as detailed

The fuel injection pump identification stamp is located on the side of the pump body that faces the forward side of the engine block. It can be viewed by looking between the fuel injection pump and the engine block with the use of a small mirror.

The fuel injection pump batch number is located on the left‐hand lower side of the stamp. If the batch number is 23983, 23984 or 24075 then the fuel injection pump, camshaft drive belt and fuel injection pump drive belt must be renewed


Should a customer express concern over longer starting times from cold and uneven engine running, emission of smoke and loud idle noises after a cold start, the probable cause is the cold start characteristics of vehicles with Endura‐DE engines in cold weather conditions. To rectify this concern, new glow plugs, new powertrain control module (PCM), and for Escort only, a new oil pressure switch may need to be installed. In addition, the engine should be filled with engine oil to viscosity grade 5W30.
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