Ford focus warning lights

5 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi,2006 Ford Focus 1600cc,All warning lights come and rev counter speedo and temp gauge stop working then lights go off and every thing is working again then warning lights come on again then off again,but the car is running fine,stop the car at garage restarted to home no warning lights at all.have had a diagnostic check codes that come are u0155,u0001and u0121,after the check no warning lights all day long but the next day went into town lights on rev counter speedo and temp gauge off but on way home every thing normal no warning lights.
Am i safe to still drive the car??

any help please.

Tom. :rolleyes:
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These are common faults on the Focus if you google it there is loads of info, can't remember if there are any definite solutions. There is one thread on the RAC forum which stretches to about 46 pages, sorry can't be of any more help
Just had a thought some Focus's had problems with water getting into the fuse box, might be worth a check
They do have issues with the connections at the back of the instrument cluster and bad soldered joints inside it too.
Worth removing it an examining the connections first.
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U fault codes are associated with network faults. The first one is body control module network, the second is again body control network and dash and the third is Drivetrain (high speed CAN).
Unfortunately this is of little help to you, because it will probably come down to bad or corroded connection.
Unless one of the Ford forums can narrow it down, for you a bit.