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28 May 2013
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi all,
I was looking for a few pointers. I have a garage with the current floor being concrete. It is old, the garage is 1934, not sure about the concrete. The concrete has failed in parts and isn't very level/uniform. Attached should be some images. The floor clearly doesn't have a dpm, and the ground level is about 40cm below the house damp course.
going to make this my 'work' room, where I'll store tools and brew beer! The room doesn't really have to have heating/insulation as it'll mostly be a store, and I can wear a coat!!
The floor level can be raised as Ill be doing the drive some time after, and again will probably coming higher than present.
What should I do?
Thanks, Beefy
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what do you want to do with it? - and more importantly, how much money do you want to spend?

either screed it with latex screed, or rip up the whole lot, replace a new DPC and re-concrete it. it just depends on what you want?
Hi, thanks for posting. I'd be doing the work myself so it'll just be materials to pay for. I don't have a budget in mind, but like everything I'd look to keep costs down.
I intend to use the room to store my growing amount of tools (so I want a level and sturdy floor). I also want to potentially use it for a brew room to make my home brew, so I'm going to replace the main doors and make it as mice proof as possible. Maybe one day it will be used as a gym?
The roof is flat and the clearance is about 2.8m so loads of room for later insulation.
I've read that it should be hardcore, dpm, sand, insulation then concrete/screed.
Can I used this floor as a base and just miss out the hardcore stage? I'd want to limit how high I raise the floor to about 100-150mm
100mm+ is more than enough.

I personlly (with plenty of money).
rip out the whole lot. install a strong DPC.
then use some A252 reinforcement mesh, and concrete it to the desired height.
then screed it.

That will be the best way, but thats considerably more expensive than just screeding over it with self leveling screed.

If you happy to concrete stuff yourself then I don't think your gonna have any problems with this.

just a lot of hard work digging and pouring.
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You could install a floating timber floor, dpc sheet to base and lay on timber frame and board over.Insulate if monies permit and you have a comfortable surface, easily removed if you change your mind.
if you screed or skim over old broken concrete, the screed will crack. Best to break it up and use it as hardcore for a new floor.

It seems to me best to put a new DPM whenever you lay a new concrete slab, the work and cost is negligible if done at the same time, but vast if you have a damp problem later.

Tools will go rusty if it is damp.

Be aware that the garage walls may have been built on the same old slab

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