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Winter time last year......


Today, now added a fountain.....


Showed you mine, now show me yours................. :LOL:
Thanks breezer, just found the latest one


Also raising the fence panel higher over the ex-concrete posts


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heres a few of one weve nearly finished with a before photo as well. im pretty pleased with the waterfall.



After! (few bits left to do but you can see the general changes!)



The garden was terraced on several levels and it was all dug out by hand as we couldnt get a machine in. All the existing walls and paths were reinforced concrete at least 8 inches thick, which we had to use a road breaker to get them out with! Took three weeks to complete, although theres still a few bits to do in the photos.[/b]

I really like the slabbed circle, might pinch half of that idea to add on the front of my patio........ :D

My garden took me just over a year, from a waste land, to what it is now.

I think you have done brilliantly, for 3 weeks work.......Please post pics when its all planted up.
trazor said:
Winter time last year......

Stunning garden, I like the idea of all the trees, very secluded.

I have loads of trees at the back of my garden, but when the winter comes and the leaves fall off the trees, you can see other peopls houses, but at least for a good few months its very similar to your yours.
It looks very long, what size is it?.
Mine is approx 120 feet long, and looks as wide as yours, or maybe a tad wider.

When I get a chance I will try and upload a pic. :D
Nice Maxxy :D

It's good to do a garden bit by bit, less disruption.

I wish we had room for a proper water feature with running water. I'll bet the sound of the mini waterfall is really relaxing (tho knowing me I'd be nipping of to the loo every ten minutes :rolleyes:)

What are the floating plants on the pond? We have some water hyacinths in our pathetic excuse for a pond but they are going brown at the moment.
The waterfall sounds great, its right outside my bedroom window. It can be made louder or quieter depending on the water level, so its quite good.

Not sure what the big plants are called, but the floaters are Pistia stratiotes (Water lettuce)
Trapa natans - just above the surface, red stems (water chesnut)
eichornia crassipes - the ones with the green balls on, which will supposedly flower purple (water hyacinth)

Ive just added some water lillies which i grew in an old water butt filled with manky water, dirt etc and plenty of fresh rainwater

Theres also an equisetum japonicum in there, but its behing the large pot on the right. it looks a bit like bamboo shoots

Next job is to build a bbq :D
Heres one we did this week in between the rain. All done in 3 days, including carrying all the stuff up steps. The hardwood decking was already there but was a complete lash up. We levelled out the area by the patio doors so a table could fit on it, and opened up the bulk head under the trellis at the rear of the garden and made a planter in there for the screening bamboo and climbers. The sleepers are all oak, including the bench that you can see on the decking at the side of the garden.



Before looking down the garden


And now



The water feature

That's the wife and youngest on the left in the rockery, I'm behind the fort doing a bit of digging!

Showed you mine, now show me yours................. :LOL:

Well mine's bigger than yours :LOL::









Takes ages getting back to the house in time to watch corrie :(.
Almost there, still busy.


Busy with the fence on the left and some more paving. Balustrades are all done from moulds including circle and path. More mixing concrete :cry:

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