Gas and electric meter removal

1 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom

Was hoping for some advise. When I bought my house the previous owner split the upstairs and downstairs into 2 separate flats. Thus there was a gas and electric meter for downstairs and a separate gas and electric meter for upstairs.

The property has been renovated back into a single house but it still has 2 gas and 2 electric meters which I'm paying standing charges for. I've contacted my energy supplier (bulb) about getting one gas and one electric meter removed and sent them photos as requested.

They are now saying that I need to decide which gas and electric meters that I want de-energised. Bit surprised as I thought their contractor would decide. I've attached photos if those in the know could advise I'd be really grateful.

The gas meter seems straightforward as the original meter is on the left and the gas line into the house has been split to each meter. If the right meter is removed the pipework can be attached to the left (original) meter. Is this a correct assumption?

The electric meters are pictured also. The wires pass through a fuse box outside the house then go to two more fuse boxes one upstairs and one downstairs. Does it make a difference which electrical meter is removed?

Many thanks in advance


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Yes -

For the gas, I would think the original, next to the supply, would remain.
It would be very strange positioning otherwise.
I doubt they would do anything else. It is obvious as you suggest?

For the electric, I would think the same but it really doesn't matter.
It's just a case of connecting both sets of cables to one meter.
Re the gas .......The bit I'd like to look at is on the left but it's too dark to see it properly.......a better lit up image would be good.
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Strikes me that when they come to take one out they would take them both out as those style meters are all being replaced anyway.
Spoke to bulb energy. It'll be someone from National Grid for the gas meter and someone from Siemens for the electricity. So I doubt they will be changing the meters that aren't being removed.
It should all go on one supply ...One meter depends on what the meters are supplying as to how much gas is being used ......One meter one standing charge get it changed pronto !!!!
Before I book the work in, I'd just like to confirm with you that you're happy with the cost of the removal and de-energisation: it will be £113.50 for gas, and £120 for electricity. The total amount will be debited from your Bulb account when the job goes through.

Is that fair to charge me for removal??
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