Gas meter reading issue

15 May 2009
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Around 6 months ago I got smart meters installed for gas and electric. All was well as EON was automatically reading the meters but few month ago I changed suppliers and they can't read the meters automatically. I don't have a problem with sending the readings but there is a problem with gas readings.

My gas reading on the meter shows something like this: 001343.98
Eon have been charging me as 00134 = 134 units used (which is right).

The new supplier only has 5 boxes for the gas reading, which would mean I ignore the 6th digit (3) before the decimal.

But their customer service people were telling me to ignore digits after the decimal and ignore zeros in the start. which would mean a reading of 1343 units instead of 134 units.

Can anyone tell if there is a proper way of reading these meters, It's a Liberty EG4v (Secure).
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Most people would read your meter as 1343 - total full units used.

I can't see any way of reading it any other way!
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Yeah it was 0 when installed. It is already on 003000 in 6 months. So if we go by ignoring the first zero.

The reading at start of July would be 1343 and reading today will be 3000. So 1700 units used in two summer months, just ain't right.

And why would eon be charging as 134.
I am sure that if you were using only a tenth of what they would expect, you would soon get a visit.

Are you sure you have the decimal point in the right place?
Just noticed something, the reading is in kwh and not units. Is that what it should be?
How they work it out will be on your bill.

That wouldn't alter the problem with the readings.

Edit - Sorry, meant wouldn't.
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you appear to have decimal point in wrong place,there are three numbers after d/p to gas rate appliances in the house,so 134 is correct.
A photo of the meter, showing the reading, would be very useful.
I think I worked it out. The display unit shows kwh value as the reading, however the suppliers was the m3 reading thats only on meter. They then convert the m3 reading to kwh.
Better take care.
If your new supplier doesn't utilise smart meters, be sure you know whether they require you to give :-
  • A metric reading, volume, in cubic metres (m³)
  • Or kilo-Watt-hours (kWh - generally held to be 'units')
I am thinking, perhaps, the 'smart meter' can selectively display either, likely other stuff too, probably not all on the same screen.
May even have an Imp (Imperial) readout in perhaps 'hundreds of cubic feet' but then that wouldn't be too smart I guess.

Is there some kind of keypad or push buttons which change the display readout ?

There has been some errors from Eon , billing cubic metres while taking the reading in Cubic feet.
SALL2009 is right to point this out

I also installed eon smart meters in 2016 by changed supplier this February 2017. My new supplier only accept m3 readings and I gave them a miscalculated number using kWh.

I raised a dispute and complaint with eon who were less than understanding and less than helpful on the matter. They weren't aware of the intel above or did not come forward with any suggestions. Several calls to several departments at eon came to very little.

It was entirely left to me to find the problem in the numbers. EON's attitude was one of bullying, equating to 'just pay it'. However the requested monies were c£380.

The amended final bill version2 was also very unhelpful. It took me an hour with an excel spreadsheet to reverify the new readings. I had to verify the losing position from the previous 2 or 3 bills to at least get myself to a level of satisfaction that an extra £195 above my £97 per month DD was indeed due. Despite my efforts I was still not 100% sure of my calculations or 100% happy to pay the bill.

Eon's bills are not clear, fair and are misleading
Their dispute resolution team are only there to close cases and do not offer any actual support.
The consumer is left to their own devices.
I fear for anyone that doesn't understand large bills and doesn't question the integrity of the information presented by these big utility firms. Paying it only because they think they're expected to leaves the vulnerable in society at risk.
If I had the time to write and follow up a formal complaint to Ofgen about this I would do.
I'm still unsure how to collect a m3 reading from my smart gas meter.

Hope this is of use
Hold that I've found it

...finding a m3 reading

Smart gas meters

Press 9 on the keypad. VOLUME will appear on your smart meter screen.

You’ll see 6 digits (e.g. 00123.4) followed by an ‘m3’ symbol at the bottom right of the screen.

This figure is your latest reading – you only need to provide the first five digits before the decimal place.

Thank you

Soenergy also had a helpful page on gas meter reading
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