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2 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
Evening All

finally started to clear the ivy of the garage which has probably been there for at least 20 yeas (3 years under my ownership).

The first picture shows the mother of all roots, which is 8" in diameter in some places. The ivy has destroyed the guttering and sits at least 3' deep on the apex of the asbestos roof!

What;s the best way to get rid of the ivy? I know many recommend roundup but i;m not convinced it will do the job. Someone has suggested lime cement on the sawn off roots.

I've called in contractors about it and they told me that the ivy needs to come off so that they can inspect the roof. From the inside it seems watertight and the garage doesn't smell of damp but i'm wondering whether the ivy sucked the moisture anyway?

Looking for an affordable but safe solution as I'd like to use the garage as a pool room. I'm looking at encapsulating the roof as a cheaper option (painting something on it)or full/safe removal if needs must and a suitable replacement. Want to sort it out before the rain comes!

Any thoughts welcomed.


Apologies just worked out how to upload pics :oops:
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SBK will kill it better than round-up.

Severing all roots to the ground and letting it die back will make removng it much easier and do less damage.
As above, cut a piece out (25-50mm) at or above ground level. If you only cut it, it may catch again and keep growing. Strimmer does a good job, though its a bit hard on line.
I found that cutting a piece out, and dabbing neat SBK or the concentrated liquid Glyphosate on the stump with a small paintbrush, got rid of it. if you are not in a hurry the deasd part above the cut will wither away and IMO is then easier to cut away.

Round my way there is an Ivy Mite that kills it, the entire wall of ivy along my road was killed except for a small patch where my apple tree overhung it and I used to spray. So I used the cut and dab method on that bit, and stopped spraying. It's now gone, but I've seen regrowth under a few other things that I still spray.

Ivy leaves are very resistant to weedkiller.
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Dear All

thanks for the replies.

Apologies for my ignorance but what is SBK?

The roots above ground level are very thick - i'm not sure a strimmer would cut them; would a chainsaw or equivalent be better?

Do you think I should trim the ivy that's on the roof as well as paint with SBK as if I don't, it could take quite while for the top bits to die.

Is SBK readily available from places like B&#Q, Homebase etc or do I need more specialist outlets.

Many thanks for your advice.
Thanks for the link - will look at getting some SBK and some fairy liquid as apparently that helps! :D
Just be careful with that weedkiller, use protective gear, just for your own sake. Especially if you are not familiar with the product.

The wall might be a bit close for a chainsaw, a handsaw might do the trick for you.

As already explained, cut at the bottom and let the top die back, then remove. You wont do as much damage to the roof that way.

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