Gravel for temporary driveway

4 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom
I want to prepare a flat area for my car to stand during winter. It is at the top of a slope which is mainly concrete. I want to add a gravel strip where the RH tyre runs. A little gravel is already present.


Quick sketch of what I want to do. Got all the materialsas leftovers from other work. And again - this is temporary and I only need it to get me through winter.

Will also add strips of wood either side of the MOT to constrain it as the fabric is not going to stop the soil collapsing in.

Any advice welcome :)
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Round gravel just won't compact together so you'll be sweeping it up all the time. If you could get something like golden flint then it'll be less likely to follow you down the driveway every morning.

If you're not bothered about how it looks then just top it up with MOT and do away with the gravel altogether.
I thought the round stuff would be a problem but the little area I have done has never come down the drive as it is slightly lower than the edge? It won't be a deep layer of gravel either. Also planning to chuck some old concrete under the MOT to save how much I use on it... Is this okay?

I would have to buy more MOT if I did away with the gravel. Plus I thought the MOT may be dusty/dirty (new car coming) ?
Better image of the area I am digging out. Roughly went around the edges. Ignore the sheeting.

Going to leave the shuttering 2 inch above the surrounding area so that I can then gravel the area I will walk on aswell.

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Nearly done. Cementing a new wooden edge between the existing drive to retain the gravel tomorrow.

Then will compact the mot and druvebover it a few times :)


Just hope I got the slope right for the car...

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