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17 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
I've recently been asked to fit a heater in a wet room now i know that there is only a zone 0 and 1 in a wet room which extends to 1.2m from a fixed shower haed (on site guide page 72) but when the shower head is not fixed i believe the distance then goes to 3m from the shower head position. The problem is the wet room which i need to fit the heater is only about 3 metres long by 1.5 wide and does not have a fixed shower head. In which case i would need a heater that can be installed into a zone 1 but can't seem to find any anywhere. Any help would be very appreciated.

It can be any sort of heater so long as it warms the room up.
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a regular towel rail raidiator should be OK in zone 1.. ( the elements are usually IP55.. )
I used under floor heating plus a water heated towel rail and good job the towel rail was there as the under floor heating if any hotter would have burnt your feet but room still colder than wanted it needed the heat from towel rail.

My daughter and son in law also have a wet room in their flat. It has a tap and a couple of bowls to scoop up water and splash it on all over no shower head, bath or sink.

OK does not come under IET rule book as in Turkey but reading the big red book there seems to be nothing to cover a wet room like this and I could it seems if daft enough install sockets. If it was in UK I would not even have to inform LABC as not by definition a room containing bath or a shower.

I would therefore say we should let common sense prevail. I would think any radiant heater on the ceiling would likely comply but not sure I would want to use one. I know with mothers wet room I use to wash down the walls with power shower so all areas could become wet.

I will watch with interest to see what is said.
I cannot use underfloor heating as the wet room is already in place and this would lead to me having to take up the lino. Are you sure that a towel rail heater will be ok to use?
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yes, items in zone 1 must be minimum of IPX4..
the connections and fuse spur must be outside of zone 1 however
we had our bathroom changed into a wet room last november because we are both disabled we were under the impression we were going to get a fan heater as well but the electrician told us that building regs had changed and we were not allowed one in there, all cabling and switches were moved out side onto the landing, even cord pull light switches are not allowed in bathrooms now according to him
Coljack - Thanks for your help, just wondering though because zone 1 and zone 0 are the same in a wet room will this have any bearing on if i can put it there because it is zone 0 also. Sorry to keep asking questions just dont want to mess it up.
zone 0 is the area that contains the water.. that is the bath or the shower tray or in a wet room, it's 0.10m above the floor and the same outline as zone 1..
so as long as you're not laying the towel rad on the floor then it should be outside of zone 0..
After looking into this further it says in the on site guide book that the heater should be 'ipx5 if water jets' now i take this to mean that if the shower jets are capable of getting onto the part where the cable goes into the towel rail then it must be ipx5. With this being the case does anyone know where i can get an element of ipx5 that will fit intoi most towel rail heaters, as i've already fitted the heater and if i were to fit a new one than the holes in the tiles would be visible.

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