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HELP! GRP pin holes and finish will this last?

Discussion in 'Roofing and Guttering' started by Andy Scott, 10 Jul 2019.

  1. Andy Scott

    Andy Scott

    10 Jul 2019
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all,

    New here but think i have just been cowboy'd.

    I got a local company to GRP my new garage roof, could of done it myself if i didn't have 2yr old and a 6month old but thats another story.

    They had a fist go last friday and then as i wasn't happy with it had them back today. The main roof looks fine but the matting round the edge that joins the fascia's to the main roof is very visible and is showing pin holes. This is exactly what i had them back for the first time.

    They did sand the whole roof off and re matt and resin and top coat but the edge round the 32m2 roof still looks like this.

    Will it be ok or do i need to do something about it? its just around the edges

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