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Help -my adjoining neighbour has a shallower roof pitch on his rear extension

Discussion in 'Building' started by The Ranch, 12 Sep 2020.

  1. The Ranch

    The Ranch

    19 Feb 2020
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    United Kingdom
    We are building a single storey rear extension wall next to our neighbour’s single storey rear extension wall.

    The neighbour has a pre-finished aluminium capping to their parapet.

    We intend to form a pitched roof abutting right up to theirs forming a weathering detail - but this is proving decidedly difficult!

    Our roof pitch will not match theirs. Their roof pitch on their glass extension I estimate is 12 degrees and ours on our tiled roof is 15 degrees.

    Therefore, the lowest part of our roof at wall plate level does not enable a 150mm cover flashing to be formed between the neighbours extension wall and our roof (we can only get say 60-70mm upstand).

    At the highest level at rear original house external wall abutment, there is healthy say 300-400mm difference in levels down to their parapet which would enable a detail to be created (subject to their agreement) dressing on to their parapet.

    But the ‘cross over’ space between the two creates a troublesome area difficult to weather properly.

    It is not really an option to take off the neighbour’s aluminium capping.

    I understand an option is to form my own parapet which would resolve the issue, but I may lose internal floor space.

    Any ideas?
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  3. Notch7


    15 Sep 2017
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    United Kingdom
    I know it's a pain but could you post a pic of the capping.

    Maybe it's possible to speak to the manufacturer of the neighbours roof glazing. It could be possible the capping could be changed for one with a wall upstand. Then you could dress down over the upstand.

    Ideally you want yours to be higher all the way, a cross over isn't good.

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