Hive and ideal independent + c24

22 Sep 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi looking for help from anyone. I have recently been given a hive 2. I'm struggling to get it to work with the c24 ideal boiler, as I can't seem to get the boiler to call heat. Followed all the instructions but clearly something is wrong, I have tried that many different combinations but can't get it working. No issues with receiver,
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You don't give us much to go on with your post, which is probably why no one has replied, so I will start the ball rolling by assuming that yours is the combi version (if it's not, don't proceed and post back details of the boiler and its wiring connections, and details of the system it is connected to. i.e. S Plan or Y Plan) If it is a combi, there should be two terminals provided for a remote thermostat they will be identified in the boiler installation manual. If they have not been used before they will be connected with a wire link. If so remove the link and connect one terminal to the Hive 'Common' (1) and the other to the Hive 'Heating on' (3). The Hive also needs a Live and Neutral supply connected to the L and N terminals respectively.

If it is a combi, then you need to make sure that you have the Single Channel version of the Hive.

Any existing thermostat / external controls should be removed.

If the boiler has an internal timeswitch, this should be set to be 'on' permanently, to allow the Hive to take over control.

I'm a little worried by your comment "I have tried that many different combinations but can't get it working". Swapping wires around in an 'ad hoc' fashion without understanding what you are doing may cause some serious damage.
Cheers Stem

Much appreciated, yes it is a combi, and the room stat/ timer connections are as you describe. One question I have is where is the heating off connected to which comes on the single channel version or is this not required.

With regards to swapping wires the thread was wrote in frustration, i was only swapping between the room stat and timer. I now suspect that it may be that the existing mechanical timer was in the off position hence the boiler not calling for heater despite the ch heating on button being pressed. If I be damaged it on my head be it, thanks again for the advice regarding the mechanical controller being set to on position
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You don't need a connection to the 'heating off' apart from the L & N connections, you only use terminals 1 and 3 for switching.

from what you say, it will be unlikely that you have damaged anything.

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