Hotpoint dryer - earthing problem???

16 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
Ive recently moved and when i plugged in the dryer in the kitchen the RCD switch tripped. So upon advice I moved the dryer and changed the socket to one closer to the fuse box, and it works, but only on a low setting. As soon as i push the button to dry on high, the RCD blows again. My landlords electrician said it was to do with an earthing problem in the dryer - is this right, or are they pulling a fast one, and trying to get out of some re-wiring?
Many thanks for any replies!!!
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Could be anything! Could be a fault in the drier, might be a fault in another appliance or the fixed wiring.
Thanks for the reply. Doesnt sound good....i wouldnt want to be buying another dryer if it was just a wiring there any way of testing the appliance to see if it is that, or is it an electricians job, and he needs to test the earthing through the house? Sorry but i just dont know about these things!
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Ok, so now Ive tried switching off ALL the appliances in the house, and the dryer comes on (as in, the 'clean filter' light comes on), then as soon as i close the door the RCD trips. Any ideas?
Sounding more and more like the drier has a fault tbh :(
Might have suffered damage in the move or the old circuit may have not been on an RCD.
Maybe worth looking for a local appliance repair man to come and have a look - it isn't streight forwards testing an appliance like this as it needs to be on power for it to cause leakage and you need to know what you are looking at inside with the correct equipment to test it.
Oh ok :confused: In my previous place it was on a new RCD so i dont think it'd be that? So yeah i guess it looks like ive got a call to make :rolleyes: Thanks so much, you've been very helpful :D
ps are you an electrician or somebody who just knows things about electrics?
You could say that! I'm an electrical/instrument tradesman.

Will probably bore you to death with my thoughts on it - your washing machine will include a heater which is a high current appliance. If the fault was with the fixed wiring then I'd expect that to cause it to trip too.
I see a few main possibilities

1: the drier is leaking by enough to trip some RCDs but not others (RCDs even of the same model vary quite considerablly in how much current it takes to trip them)
2: the rcd at the new property is oversensitive
3: the driver is leaking enough to trip any in spec rcd but the RCD at the old property was faulty
4: there was some kind of damage to the drier during the move

In any case the only way to figure out what is going on is to call out someone with the right test equipment and the knowlage of how to use it.
about 30 quid try ebay easy to do heater at the rear 8 screws and your in

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