How do I provide power to my 230V AC 1-phase fan (pictured)?

2 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
Hello All,

I'm guessing this is perhaps very straight-forward for many of you. I have the following brushless Adda extractor fan, measuring 120mm x 120mm x 38mm. It is 230V ~ AC, 1 phase 0.18/0.12 A:

As you can see, the fan unit is "stand-alone", in that it contains only the spade pins, presumably requiring female spade adaptors. My goal is simple: I need to provide power to it. There doesn't even have to be anything as elaborate as a switch.

I have, so far:
- A 13 amp plug
- Twin & earth cable, 5m, 1.0mm

I was looking on Maplin for spade connectors, but am not certain at all as to which kind are suitable. If some kind soul would be good enough to offer how I can reach my goal I would be most grateful.

For those who think it is necessary to know, or just plain curious, the fan is to be used in a home-made spray booth with the purpose of extracting harmful paint fumes. (In fact I've got 3 fans which I'm going to run). I've made sure to source brushless fans such that there is no risk of any exposed spark igniting any paint vapour (not that there should be a cat in hell's chance given the small quantities, but better safe than sorry of course).

Any help would be most warmly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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Measure the terminal, and appopiately sized spade terminal (might have trouble sourceing ones that are designed to be hand crimped though)

Or what I'd do, is heatshrink and solder onto them, earth to the casing somehow (perhaps hoop terminal, removed paint and a brass bolt?)

This is going to be in some kind of housing I presume?

Oh, and flex, not T+E please
Many thanks for your swift replies, guys. I'm afraid you've lost me a little already (yeah okay, you can roll your eyes!)

Okay - I'm looking at the mini female spade connector on Maplin. Presumably I need two of these to clip onto each fan, and then...? Logic would tell me I need to get my flex (okay, not t&e then) and then how do I make a safe connection between the flex and the spade connectors?

>This is going to be in some kind of housing I presume?

No, they're just going to be bolted to some MDF. A very rudimentray yet effective affair.

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Ahhhhh. I see. (Doh :LOL: )
Thanks for the link, ColJack.

So okay, hopefully the last couple of stupid questions:

- Using the .11" red crimps and no housing for the main unit, presumably those 2 pins (or rather the spades) will give a lethal shock if touched, right?

- Is it necessary to earth the unit? If so, what would you suggest is the best method for doing so?

- Since there are no markings whatsoever on those 2 pins (and the items were provided without instructions), is there a recommendation of which you are aware as to which pin should be wired to live and which to neutral?

In fact the link below which contains a picture gives you perhaps a better idea of what I'm trying to achieve, just for your curiosity:

The aim of course is to prevent a slow and painful death to oneself and those around. I've also invested in a heavy duty Safir respirator with appropriate filters for enamels which is probably a bit overkill, but I'm rather fond of my lungs!

Thanks again!


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