How to treat/paint chimney breast for oven locatin.

30 Mar 2019
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United Kingdom
Want to make my chimney breast more inviting to the eye on my kitchen.
Red exposed brick with ugly cement coverage.
How to prep and paint
Please advse.. With all precations...'ll
Thanks in advance. Xx
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SAMANTHA WOOLLARD, good evening.

Suggest you consider over cladding?

You could use plywood, but you will need to be able to use a wood Saw?

Or plasterboard? you can cut this material with a Stanley Knife [used to score and cut through the top layer of paper] then just snap the board and finally cut the remaining paper cover with the Stanley Knife? [This is where u-tube rises to the rescue?]

Fixing the ply? you can fix timber bearers then screw the ply to the timber bearers fixed to the walls?

As for Plasterboard, a system called "Dot and Dab" [u-tube comes to the rescue again?]

At least some areas to research?

Thank you... But I want to keep the bricks, just need advice how to tidy them up.
but a big thank you for replying. X
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SAMANTHA WOOLLARD, good evening, again.

OK Sorry i got it wrong to start with, not the first time today, at least for me?

In your post you mention red brick + cement covering?

Do you intend to remove the cement render [covering] or leave it in place?

As for the red bricks? these things can at times be [relatively] soft?

Cleaning the bricks is a bit of trial and error, suggest you start with a soft brush, then move up to a brush with a harder bristle [such as a scrubbing brush, if possible to reduce the volume of dust you have the brush in one hand and a vacuum cleaner nozzle in the other, this will reduce the volume of dust especially in the kitchen.

As Ian H above if all else fails try a wire brush, but work up to that, these things are severely abrasive, and can leave scratches.

Do you intend to remove the cement covering?

Yes, want to keep the bricks, but some are covered in cement.... Brick faces.... House is 135yrs old. Would rather clean and paint, but would the cement painted look bad?.
thanks for replying....
opinions always help me greatly, going solo without ADVISE is very daunting...
Will do. Pics to follow. Flu is tapped around my chest and throat, whilst hitting my head with a mallet lol.
Good news to those go know me.... Voice has been muted pml.
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