i need more power than my 9kw mira sport shower

17 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
i just moved into a new house and the en-suite bathroom has a mira sport 9kw shower but it just does not have enough flow for my liking, as my last houst i had a power shower a triton xt2000 (or something like that) and it was great so this mira is pretty poor in comparison.

i have a combi, there is a shower tap on the bath in the main bathroom and the flow from it is really good.

so im thinking i could get a 10.8kw mira sport as a direct swap and fit or fit a mixer shower.

would the 10.8kw mira sport be much better than the 9kw model? It would mean i need to run a hot water pipe to the shower somehow.

Is there any other showers that have a better flow than the mira 10.8kw ?
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Its the ability of the shower to generate hot water that determines the rate of flow there fore the out put needs to be higher ( the hotter the shower the slower the flow ) Triton does some good flowing units.Just one thing though a 10 minute shower everyday can really make a mess of your energy bill as these showers eat kilowatts like very few others can. best is still the old fashioned hot and cold mixer into a deluge shower head and a little booster pump to blow you into the far corner of your shower cubicle. :evil:
Is the cable supplying your 9Kw up to powering a 10.8Kw shower????

You have a combi, so the logical thing to do is to ditch the electric shower and fit a thermostatic shower mixer...Problem solved...Lotsa water
cheers for the replies guys, as i have a combi i am unable to use a pump as far as i know, the cable for the shower is a beast, its 9mm thick and 17mm wide so i assume this is the 10mm cable required for the 10.8kw shower.

i never gave my electric bill any thought, :confused: maybe the mixer shower is a better idea then, is it best to turn the hot water on the combi up to max so i get as much hot water as possible so i get the best flow or will this be too high and shoot my gas bill up ?

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Lets look at this massive electricity bill for showering;

10Kw shower uses 10 units of electricity at 12p per unit =£1.20 an hour.

10 minutes therefore is 20p per session, or 2p per minute.....

I'm not a fan of instantaneous electric showers but lets see the figures rather than tell stories.
for the simplest and cheapest solution and the best performance go with swaping your bath taps for some with shower hose attached. -albeit they are not thermostatic
for the simplest and cheapest solution and the best performance go with swaping your bath taps for some with shower hose attached. -albeit they are not thermostatic

its the en-suite and has no bath, the main bathroom has a shower/tap and the flow is great but i dont want to use themain bathroom, i want to use the shower enclosure in the en-suite.

is it possible to get flow rates for the 10.8kw showers ? i would hate to buy one and find its still not powerful enough for what i want. This would be easisest but if the flow aint great even with 10.8kw then i will go to the effort and fit a mixer shower.
simond ol chap times it by 60 (every day for 3moths that is) and include a few other family members and voila nice little earner for the energie supplier. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.... the man needs more power to the shower and doesn't matter how many watts you throw in nothing beats a mixer with a booster

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