IBM 600X F1 BIOS setup failure

5 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
Rebuilt an IBM 600x: Replaced keyboard, new one works well, added RAM and it gets properly counted, added CD and floppy both work, updated BIOS successfully from floppy boot, ran IBM diagnostic disk successfully from floppy boot, replaced main battery, replaced CMOS battery and successfully reset BIOS from F1, booted into Puppy Linux successfully from CD boot to extract useful files from a crashed HD containing Win XP Pro - - everything working OK and system even attempted to boot into damaged Win XP Pro.

Pulled HD from laptop, applied adapter connector to read HD and attempt to recover Win XP Pro license by setting to slave and plugging into a good PC desktop running data recovery software. Successfully retrieved volumes of desired data.

Removed HD from Desktop PC, removed slave jumper (don't remember if it had a jumper for cable select when I removed it from the laptop or not). Reinstalled HD into laptop without any jumper and promptly encountered CMOS battery failure notice (despite recent replacement), so replaced CMOS battery again and set date and time, and momentarily shorted BIOS reset pads in DRAM compartment.

At this point, Laptop will not boot from any device, HD, CD or floppy and no error messages. Holding F1 at turn on fails to bring up BIOS setup menu. Tried adding HD jumper in positions for drive HD-0, HD-1 and cable select with no positive results. Laptop turns on, counts RAM successfully and stops. Tried removing all devices, same result.

Anyone have any idea how to get into the BIOS setup when F1 on boot fails?
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No idea if there is any way to get to BIOS other than holding F1 key when starting.

Seems that you have done quite a lot with this system - any chance that you may have installed something incorrectly :D .

Have you checked cooling fans working correctly and system is clear of dirt and debris - possible overheating issue?

EDIT: Just looked at OP date. He has probably sold the bloody thing by now :oops:
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