ideal classic intermittent fault

5 Dec 2011
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United Kingdom
My ideal classic normally works ok, but sometimes it just won't light.
I can hear it click when it turns on, I can hear it click when I move the thermostate, but it just won't light.

The only thing that does make it work sometimes is when I hit the front of it.

It seem that the boiler turns on, get slightly hot, turns off and then when I hit it, it works.

It sounds like a loose connection somewhere, but I have no idea where to look

Can someone help please?
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This didn;t work.
I have noticed a few more thinks.
The boiler seems to start up fine when cold. then when it gets hot it stops and doesn't turn on again, even when it gets cold again.
I took the front cover off, moved the pcb and turn it back on and it worked.
Reading into a few of the posts on this boiler, there has been a few issues with the air flow sensor, mine is fitted on the back of the PCB case.

So has anyone heard of a air flow sensor stop working by heat?
Can you tell us "what" did not work?

Bob advised that you should get an RGI. ( Registered Gas Engineer )

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Agile you should follow this topic you might learn from a diyer how to strip a classic save you asking basic questions in the CC ;)
Namsag, if you happened to be a friendly helpful person then you would do something useful and give some advice if you knew the answer!
To whom?
The OP ? now if i did that you would be on your high horse about giving advice to the un qualified and run into the CC calling me as you have so often done in the past.

To scared to have an open debate.

Also how can i give advice to the OP with the description of his fault there is too many probables.

Or to you ? who is meant to be qualified and is out there charging people and have already been told what to do but dont believe the person who has took the time to educateyou
I think the main issue with these is getting access the gas valve. :LOL: ;)

Now now Namsag. ;)
What :LOL:
Valves a pain in arris to change when fitted close to the floor or worktop
Actually GW, you might know the answer to the classic question I asked in the CC.

In this thread, the problem is gas related and needs an attending RGI.

Just to update everyone.
I have pulled the pcb board (or the case that its in) out slighty and away from the bottom of the bolier and it works fine.
I am guessing that when the boiler build up heats, it is effecting something around the PCB board, or even air flow sensor which is on the back of it.

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