Ideal Classic NF 50 boiler

16 Jan 2012
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West Glamorgan
United Kingdom
I have a problem with the ignition. It works automatically sometimes, as it should, but other times the supply comes on the fan starts up but the burner fails to light. Now as I see it there are two options either the gas valve is not opening or the igniter is not firing. I am not sure whether the igniter would fire if the gas is not passing through to the burner.I will try testing the supplies tomorrow ie the electrical supply to the gas valve. Can anyone explain simply as in a flow chart what happens when?
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can you hear the ignition giving a steady clicking when attempting to light? also when was the boiler serviced last? cos the pilot may need cleaning out.
My hearing is not too good these days!!! However, the only clunk I can hear is when the supply comes on, then the fan starts and then,as I say sometimes ignition sometimes not. If I knock the side of the control box a few times it seems to start up but it is not consistent. I have had a look inside the control box and tightened all the connections I can see, but the same problem seems to exist. Should the ignitor spark if there is no gas coming through? Or does the control system require gas through the valve before the ignitor responds?
it will still spark if no gas, as boiler cant identify gas flow but, if you can affect it by banging on the control box then pos pcb/aps faulty, you need to confirm 240v at gas valve when fault occurs, if 240v present then gas valve at fault, but get a gas engineer in to fix!
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Thank You Barney! tomorrow I intend to check if the electrical supply is getting to the solenoid. If it is then Yes! You are quite right I need to get myself a gas approved engineer, but like all engineers we like to know exactly what is happening.

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