Ikea Whirlpool Dishwasher DWF B10 Flashing Start Button

21 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Can someone help me please I purchased my Whirlpool Dishwasher DWF B10 from Ikea about 1 year and 5 months ago from and it has developed a problem
The alarm starts and the green start button light flashes 11 times stops for a second, then flashes again 11 times. I have also noticed the red light on the far right of the panel is on I think that means the machine requires salt however our water is soft and salt is not required ... I think
I press and hold the start button till the light goes out, I then select a wash program press start and it will start as normal however it takes water in but not around the inside of the dishwasher it then empties the water.It will run for about 2 mins then starts alarming again.I have checked the draining hose and water supply,they seem to be fine and cleaned the filter inside the dishwasher
Has anyone got any ideas? I have noticed there has been similiar problems posted and someone call "Sleepyhead" knows a think or two
If you are there can you get back
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Your machine is too new for the manuals I've got.
However, 11 flashes relates to a fault with a diverter valve.
This valve alternates the wash between top and bottom baskets.
On start up the machine checks the components and if a fault is found then it aborts. When it aborts it should revert the light to a rinse and flash the start light.
The diverter valve is located into the bowl area from the underside.
The error codes are only a guide to help an engineer locate the fault, I have known them to be hopelessy wrong, but not often.
Hope this is of some help.
Many thanks for getting back so quickly
Can you tell me do I have to replace the value or remove it and clean it? and is the value easy to locate? can this be done by placing the machine on it's side to get to it
It all depends on whether the valve is stuck because it's gunged up or it's failed. Could be a clean up or a replacement. Impossible to tell until it's out.
Been a few years since I did these but you can get to them by putting the dishwasher on it's side and removing the base. Honestly can't remember about the valve location and how it's fixed in though. Would have to see it to remember.
All I can tell you is that it's going to be connected to the internal pipework leading to the top and bottom spray arms.
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Thanks for the help and for getting back so quick sleepyhead
I will give it a go tomorrow and get back with the result
Calling sleepyhead
I have got my dishwasher on it's back and removed the bottom panel
Can you tell me what the diverter value looks like?
I have found which looks like some orange colour junk inside the white chamber where the water comes in,I would have to take the whole chamber out and it looks like there is seals involved
Have you any clues?
The diverter valve would be under a cover.
The orange stuff you refer to is meant to be there.
Hi Sleepyhead
Since you last got back I think I located the value and removed it and pressed the value several times it seemed fine.
I put it back and tried the machine,it seem to be working fine now
We have run a couple of programes and it seems to ok
Thanks for your help you have been a STAR
It is great that you are willing to share your knowlege to help others
All I need now is the address for the invoice :p
Seriously, it's no problem, glad you managed to repair it.
Strangely, I bought the same model of dishwasher in Ikea, Edinburgh and had the same problem.
I followed Sleepyhead's advice, taking off the diverter valve and just pulling out the plunger, replacing it and putting it all back together again. It worked!
Thanks Sleepyhead.
For info. The valve come apart by twisting the base anti-clockwaise but there's a clip round the back you have to hold in with a finger to unlock it.
Otherwise it's straighforward.

Hi from Germany, I had the same problem with a similar model (DWF B00), also bought in Ikea, Kaarst.

I followed Sleepyhead's instructions plus the info from rdb, which helped to identify diverter valve. I just removed it, cleaned it and put it again. And now it works!!

Thanks Sleepyhead and all!!, for sharing all that good stuff.
I have a problem with a similar dishwasher (dwfb00), here´s what happens:
Somewhere during the program the cycle stops beeps continualsly until reset and flashes 4 times, this always occur att the end and the first ligth is lit (flushing). If I press the start button for a few seconds I can stop the program and restart from where it stopped. When it finishes it still beeps 4 times (maybe this is normal). My question is really what 4 flashes indicates?
Grateful for any adwise.

/Rickard, Sweden
No advice to give I'm afraid but my dishwasher is also now showing an error code of 4 flashes. The same dishwasher had a previous problem as mentioned in a previous email on this thread.
Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.
hello I have the same problem since one week and I don't know what to do anylonger. I have cleaned up inside but still the same issue

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