Indesit washer drier IWDC 6125 not draining

8 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
My washer drier (Indesit IWDC 6125) isn't draining. The pump comes on for about a second (during which time it expels water) then cuts out.

I've taken the pump out and cleaned it, it was gunged and scaled up but there was no actual obstruction, but it still does the same thing. Whirr then stop.

Obviously it is now clean so it's not a 'hairclip or piece of string in the way' job.

I'm reluctant to buy and fit a new pump as that may not be the problem (it seems to work, if only for a second).

Anyone know would a broken pump behave like that or could it be soemthing else?


PS we're potty training a two-year-old so it's fairly important!!!
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Thermistor on heater box. That needs replacing very common.
Yes it's easy just remove the top of the heater box and fit a new one. It's on the one with 2 thin wires on it.
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Sorry, I'm a bit of a novice, is the heater box in the back (as opposed to at the bottom where the pump is) and obvious to identify?

No it's at the top. Remove the lid and it's the silver box on the top.
Thanks. Is there anyway of telling whether the thermistor is broken without fitting a replacement or should I just get one and fit it?
You can unplug it for 2 mins but it will show another error. Or you can swap it with the heater one it's the same.
I'm going to have another try at getting it out, is there a technique to it as I can't budge it.
Also, is the other one in the back at the bottom left of the drum.

Yes , that's the one. A 8 mm socket will get the one of the heater just undo it slightly and pull it out. Then undo the one on the heater box with torx bits.
Hmmm. Am I looking at the right thing? It has a sort of box of black plastic on the end with a cut out semi-circle sticking out to one side (and two blus wires attached to a plug sticking out the back). My 8mm socket doesn't go over it, and it's square! Oh, I have taken the plug and wires out!!
Sorry about being so green, but I've tried pulling it and twisting but to no avail!

That's the one the nut is next to it it holds the heater in. Just loosen the nut and the thermistor pulls out.
Sorry, that should be 'silver box'.

Also the one in the back the thing next to it, which has a bolt holding it in, has a spade fitting soldered on the back so i can't get a socket over it.

I'm sorry to be such a pain. I spoke to a local appliance repair person and their view is 'bin it and get a new one' but at two years old I am a bit reluctant.

Thanks again.
The spade connector is the earth tag just bend it down a bit. The silver box is the heater box. It needs taking apart by torx bits. Then the box splits then you can pull it out.

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