Intermittent lockout on worcester heatslave 15/19

26 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a heatslave 15/19, it all fires up ok and runs for about 5-10mins, then as i am watching it, i hear the oil pump shutdown and the fan continue to run, the satronic box appears to start driving then when the satronic control box reaches the end of it's cycle it goes to lockout.
I wait for the control box to release and i can then reset and once again all will fire ok for another 5. I have assumed it is a problem with the relay in the satronic control box.

Does anyone have any other ideas.
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What do you mean when you say continuity, or do you mean voltage.

I should have continuity at the oil solenoid because it is a magnet which will give me continuity.

I am about to put a cable in the oild solenoid terminal so i can check for voltage when i hear it shut off.

I have just checked the magic eye and that is spotless, what else would make the satronic start to cycle again.
You need to test the resistance of the coil (A few K ohms)!

They intermittently go o/c when hot !!

Your coil will not produce a magnetic field if o/c!!

I presume from your reply that your user name does not reflect on your occupation !!
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It does reflect my occupation, that is why i was curious about the wording as i know when i deal with gas solenoid valves and such that i normally get continuity.

Now you have explained what you mean i understand what you are saying, if the solenoid is on it's way out the coil will break down.

I will check this now.

You appear to have been spot on, i check it when all is ok and it gives me about 2.7K ohms, when the tone changes i pull the plug and check it again and i have nothing just open circuit, then as it cools i once again 2.7K ohms, this falls conveniently in line with the satronic box resetting, do i have to get a complete new oil pump or can i just get the solenoid.

Thanks a lot for your help, not something i would have considered checking.

Much appreciated. :D
No problem, coils are usually stock items!!

Just get pump model !(probably a BFP) numbers dont matter!!

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