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Blockchain tech ( crypto )is the way forward , banks are going to adopt it . Utility coins is where it is at . Grab some now before the next bull run :cool:
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Blockchain tech ( crypto )is the way forward , banks are going to adopt it . Utility coins is where it is at . Grab some now before the next bull run :cool:

Pop down to the bank, man. Freedom will arrive.

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...its worthless price predictably crashes. :rolleyes:

You clearly know nothing as per usual . Blockchain WILL be used . I suggest you all do abit of digging rather than clicking on the first Google link you come across . The old swift system is prehistoric and slow
In a Swiss bank holds 7,002 bitcoins, worth close to $235 million at current exchange rates.

For years, Unciphered's hackers and many others in the crypto community have followed the story of a Swiss crypto entrepreneur living in San Francisco named Stefan Thomas, who owns this 2011-era IronKey, and who has lost the password to unlock it and access the nine-figure fortune it contains. Thomas has said in interviews that he's already tried eight incorrect guesses, leaving only two more tries before the IronKey erases the keys stored on it and he loses access to his bitcoins forever.

Find out how they cracked the code
Crypto will hang around whether we like it or not. There are several applications to the relevant administrating body, to accept an ETF (Electronically Traded Fund) on the stock market. They are in serious discussions which appear to be at the snagging phase. One of the proponents is Blackrock, a $90Bn outfit which has sway.
The price will rocket then of course. After that, no idea.
There's constant assertion about the greenback losing its place as the "reference" currency, but we're a long way from crypto replacing it.

Bitcoin has a max limit which is inconvenient, so Etherium or one of the others (or a new one yet to be invented) may climb, but that isn't happening yet.

You can TRADE crypto, like you can trade gold or soybean oil or anything else. For speculation, it has already climbed a lot so it's hard to guess how much future appeal is already baked in. Large institutions will have to own it if/when it in large volume becomes more legit. Many have a lot already, but not all. Crypto isn't fixed tot he gold standard exactly, so it's supply and demand. While the demand is only based on assumptions It's hard to calculate a value for it might go.

It's a bit of an elephant, but everyone can see it. Yeah OK but there are other elephants around the place. The US debt situation looks horrendous. They'll spin it out but it's like global warming - not all the crying is wolf. Wars - oh yeah them too.

The biggest jumbo to me seems to be that the stuff which makes the world go round, ie money, which has a minor use for buying things, is mostly used as a thing to make more of the stuff. The US debt is around 32 trillion. Around half that figure is used by people trading just on forex, every day. The people making the most profit are the people with the best AI driven bots. But that's not what it's for.

Back to whether you should speculate on crypto - well why? It might go up a lot, but that's a guess. It's gone from 31k to 35k it in one day (24th). Hasn't moved since. There was a rumour which got published, and it glitched nastily. If you got the wrong side of one of those moves, you'd be sorry.

You can TRADE the stuff, or any one of plenty of other stuffs, which is different. BTC has gone (not checked precisely) ~+70% in the year, though it has in the past been at 65k. Otoh I've shown a few times in the other thread, that a varying stock not rising at all, will give you a 20% profit in a dozen or so trades. It's not hard anyone can do it. So would I want to wait a year for 70%? No thanks, I'd rather check all the ducks were aligned and go through that process, over and again so it's boring. It does take effort to learn about the ducks, so like a plumber is sure when he cuts the pipe, and knows what to do if something surprising happens, he doesn't drown. Anyone can do plumbing, too.

If you what to speculate but not risk the crypto yourself, you can buy shares in companies which are brokers for it, like COIN, MARA and RIOT. They are also very volatile, but the market is better regulated.
The fervour is certainly building now. Opinions are all over the place. Some fund managers are turning their nose up at the prospect of any demand for crypto, but there are enough proponents that markets for the stuff, and dealers in the stuff, will shoot higher. There will be a nasty side - for those who are late in, buying high, who get holding the bag when the downside follows, as it always does after a squeeze.

Yes Blackrock etc will do well and still be around after any spike, but be careful, the world only needs so many tulips.
This is a situation where some amateurs will lose.
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