Italian Vaillant !

25 Sep 2012
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United Kingdom
I have a 5 year old vaillant boiler - model unknown (turboBLOCK, plus? different model names here in Italy, uninformed technicians, and horrible service). Inside indicates "VMW 242/2-5B R3"

This summer it began to cut out after a few seconds of operation. I see the temp increase to 35°C, then it cuts out.
I have read various accounts of needing to replace the PCB, clean the heat exchanger, possibly a faulty thermostat...
I have retrieved fault codes F22 & F24.

Can anyone point me to the correct documentation, and perhaps a few suggestions to begin to diagnose?
(so that I might be able to post a more intelligent question)
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This cutting out at 35 C, is that on DHW only?

Is CH normal?

CH is Central Heating?
If so, turned it on & the water temp rose to +50°C - radiators too.
Interestingly, tried the DHW during this - the temp increased
(LED displayed the CH temp).
Shut off the CH, waited a minute.
Opened the DHW.
Temp shot up to 45°C.
Boiler then cut off, and as the temp lowered to 41°, the boiler fired back up again. However the temp did not rise, and the boiler cut out again after several seconds.
As the temp continued to lower, the boiler would fire back up, water temp would not increase, & the boiler would again cut off.
This cycle repeated several times as the DHW water temp returned to 30°C...

NOTE: I have the temp knob set to 1 click short of MAX ! View media item 50572
Venture a guess at the model based on the photo?
I would guess its a Turbomax 824. But to be sure I would want to see inside!

Sounds a classic case of a blocked plate heat exchanger.

Needs an engineer.

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Sorry I had it in my mind that your boiler was possibly an Ecomax.

If those pictures are of your boiler then its a Turbomax 824 and you can remove and clean the plate HE.

Not one of the easiest DIY jobs though!

Italian Model:
- turboBLOCK plus VM/VMW IT 242/2 5

UK equivilant - options:
- THERMOCOMPACT 624E - VU 242/2-5 R3
- TURBOmax Plus 824E - VUW 242/2-5 R3

Tony - perhaps you had it in your mind correcty.
According to this site I have an Ecomax boiler:
("BOILER No’6" is spitting image in terms of controls)
View media item 50572
Probably should figure out what I'll be working on & get proper documentation, before I start off half spanned...
Yes, I am sorry again! You do have an Ecomax combi as I half suspected.

In that case the front cover is also the outer combustion cover and the advice is that it should only be removed by a gas reg engineer!

Tony you should probably take a rest...

This is a turbomax not an ecomax. You do have an ecomax display though so probably just the italian variant, but its a turbomax inside. Ecomax is a condenser, you have a regular gas valve and no condense pipe.

Your fault is the boiler is not recognising the correct rise in temperature during a demand. This could be alot of things unfortunately.
pump, plate heat exchanger, burner pressure settings incorrect, ntcs, pcb
another classic cas of tony backtracking this is getting to often, well done micky the first pic put him out his leauge but the second one clearly shows a turbomax.
and also well spotted that is an eco display, nice to see the forigners get different products to us :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
i am also inclined to think with the black braided tube there it may be closer to an aquaplus but can not see where that tube goes.
Did you also notice no p.r.v connection?
Whilst it does have a SIT 845 gas valve so a conventional burner, there is the black plastic pipe which leads me to think that it IS a condensing boiler!

If you dont agree Micky, then what do you think the black pipe is for?

Thanks for all your input - seems like there might not be a simple documentation substitution solution
(the Italian still does my head in even after 10+ years here).

if it could help, here's the
Vaillant turboBLOCK plus Italian Installation / Maintenance PDF

Would it help if I remove the housing & post a foto or 2?

FYI - the black braided/plastic hose contains the wiring

Couple of quick clarifications re faults:
- even for the DHW ?
plate heat exchanger
- can this be serviced/cleaned?
- - flushed?
burner pressure settings
- would this not affect the CH as well? (which is working fine)
- how does one verify these? (beyond simple physical connector check)
Same question - just swap it out & see?

While I have jumped in the deep end in the past (complete BMW front-end suspension removal & replacement, split A/C unit installation, fathered 2 children in a foreign country - & still married, etc.), it's starting to look like I may need to bight the bullet & call a local tec...

Thoughts / suggestions ?
If you copy and paste the bits you don't understand, I'll do my best to simplify it for you.

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