I've got 3 phases, and 2 properties..

6 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
Quick question for you guys

I'm doing a residential conversion on an industrial building that has a 3 phase supply. There will be two properties at this time, but there would be enough space for maybe a couple of 1 bed annexes in future. Additionally I'd like a 3 phase supply to the garage to give me a wider choice of machinery

One 3phase cable, which is a fair old size, enters the building currently and is powered. In the interests of saving on installing another one (not least because they've only just relaid the road outside too and it would be a shame to dig it up) can I use this cable to supply the dwellings? Can I have the DNO come off this with 4 single phase meters (2 of which would be unused at this time but would be for the annexes) and one 3 phase meter (for my garage) ?

Am I trying to put too much on one cable? Is there anything I can do to assess whether the existing supply cable would be sufficient for what I require? Would the neutral require upgrade if it were to be rearranged from a 3 phase use to several single phases?

I'm sure pics would help, so i'll take some this eve
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You need to speak to the DNO to see what they are prepared to offer from the existing supply cable.

Each meter will represent a seperate account and associated standing charge so you probablly don't want unused ones sitting arround.

What are your intentions with regards occupation once the conversion is complete? Do you intend to live in one of the properties and sell the other? live in one property and rent out the other? sell both properties (since you say "my garage" I'm guessing not),
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Hi plugwash, ricicle

Shall do that. took another look at the cable head today - each live has a 100A cartridge fuse on it, dunno if that's significant/indicative of the supply

The mill is a conversion to 2 houses with 2 garages and 2 storage areas above garage. There's enough space to make a pair of granny flats above the garages and with a bit of the right planning applications they could become self contained flats for sure. that's a future thing, right now just the 2 dwellings , one for me one for father in law. I'll live most of my time in the garage, just building the house for my significant other. I'd dearly love 3 phase in there as ive got a lot of 3ph machines stored

Will make a call to electricity northwest and see what they have to say - getting a low/no standing rate account from the genco might be possible oo..

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