Jaguar boiler F1 error

2 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
Jaguar 23kw

On returning from 2 weeks away I turned on the shower and had no hot water. Looked at the boiler and it showed low water pressure, I topped it up (shower still running) and then it went off and displayed the f1 error.

I assume that it tripped the overheat thermostat. I pressed the reset button on the thermostat (which didnt really move) and pressed reset on the panel. Still no luck. Thought it was maybe still to hot and not resetting so left it a while. tried again and still no joy.

I removed the thermostat and there seem to be a lot of play in the button. I tried to trick the boiler in to starting by shorting the thermostat wires but still get no flame.

There is a spark, the fan is running, there is no blockage in the flue.

Should I just get a new thermostat and try it?

Sorry for the essay, just trying to give as much info as possible.

Many thanks in advance
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I think I know what has happened but can you say what this thermostat is and where you found it?

Its a 95oC overtemperature thermostat. It is on the front pipe coming out of the combustion that any help??
I always thought the manually resettable o/h stat was INSIDE the combustion chamber on the left!

Where DIYers shouldn't really be going unless they are gas trained!

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I always thought the manually resettable o/h stat was INSIDE the combustion chamber on the left!

Where DIYers shouldn't really be going unless they are gas trained!


Definatly not inside the combustion chamber. It positioned about 3" after the 90o bend in the pipe after it has exited the combustion chamber.
In that case they must have repositioned it and you have a very late model.

On all the examples I have seen its inside the combustion chamber and the tube is slightly flattened to make good contact.

I dont think yours is tripped or failed! You have shorted it out and it still has not brought the boiler on!

To be sure you could disconnect it and measure the continuity.

The problem is likely to be no gas supply, a failed gas valve or just possibly a failed ignition pcb.

Investigating any of these should be done by a gas competent person who would normally be CORGI registered.

It is positioned on a flattened piece of pipe. The manual also has it positioned there so must be a late model like you said.

Many thanks for the replies, you have been most helpful.

There is continuity in the o/h thermostat.

In your opinion would it be wise to get British Gas out for the one off fee of £168 considering the possibility of replacement parts?
Are you sure its that cheap?

BG people dont usually fare so well on this model but once you have paid then you can expect an eventual fix.

A good local engineer might be a bit cheaper but its quite likely to be the gas valve so get a quote on the phone based on needing a gas valve first.

You could always get Joel on a no fix-no no-fee and if he cannot find the fault he can always call me for help. If you cannot find him then email me from my profile and I will give you his number but dont call him on Saturdays!.


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