just suppose

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Gyroscopes. 3 axis for space flight. This is the very reason in the Film Apollo 13 Tom Hanks is getting concerned about gimble lock which is essentially screwing up the gyroscope and then you don't know what way you're pointing.

P.S. There is gravity in space it is what makes planets orbit. You could do worse than looking at the Wikipedia article on Gravity.
anyway, it occurs to me, in the abscence of gravity ie in alledged space flight, where are the points of reference for navigation.

I always thought it was just 'third star to the left and straight on till morning'.
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it's an intense band of sola radiation that's between us and the moon.. and exatly the reason that they can't have sent men to the moon.. to fly through it without several feet of lead shielding would lead to a lethal dose of radiation.. the spacemen would have all died within weeks of getting back to earth..


The speed the craft went through the Van Allen belt, ensured the astronauts received a very small dose of radiation.
The risk was thought to be insignificant, compared to the other dangers they would face.
Rick Allen, Def Leppard lost his arm New Years eve 1984.
Think he was going home to his parents and had a car crash.
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