Laptop issue

6 Nov 2023
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United Kingdom
Toshiba laptop when pressing pwr button LED's light up for 2 second then shut down (on a full charged battery.) However, when i plug the charger in it turns on fine and even if i unplug the charger it still remains on meaning its not a battery issue. Already changed cmos battery but no avail. What you guys think? Cheers.
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Total guess, but I wonder if the laptop needs slightly more power to boot up than run. Might be the battery although showing charge is in fact slightly low on the voltage it is putting out.
Can you remove and test the battery voltage with a meter?
My 2d-worth:

It is the battery.

It can't supply the initial startup current without too much voltage droop. (Spinny disk startup current can be demanding and the cause of many a PVR startup issue if the PSU caps are failing).

Mains PSU connected all is good as it supplies current / maintains volts. Once running the battery can supply sufficient current.

Run on battery and compare how long it lasts with the rated capacity / specs... Use something like CPUID HW Monitor software to interrogate the system voltages and well-being stats?
Yeah it looks like it. The laptop has a HDD at the moment so that might be causing the issue. I'll find a few resistors and try loading the battery while measuring the output.
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It might be useful to do a diagnostic POST at boot. Or, at a minimum, set POST to show the process .

I am not familiar with your laptop so you may want to google it.