lathe and plaster ceiling removal

30 May 2007
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United Kingdom
We have no choice but to remove a lathe and plaster ceiling from a house. We've not done this before....usually overboard. Does nayone have any useful tips about doing this........please! I know it is going to be an horrendous job but any handy hints would be really appreciated!! :confused:
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Advice and tips in removing an old lath and plaster ceiling.

A lot of this is common sense really.... Wear a mask, goggles,overalls,etc and don't stand underneath the bit you're breaking down :!: ,,, be careful if you're using steps.... Don't break down too big an area at a time, remember, it's heavy stuff and you don't want to damage floorboards, fireplaces, sockets,wall-lights etc, cover up any imoveable objects anyway..... If it's upstairs, same applies, but this time you have a ceiling underneath (downstairs) to consider, you don't want to damage that.... If you have a cornice in the room that you want to keep, cut the ceiling plaster 2 or 3 inches out from it,all around the room, and the old plaster will not break away any further than the cut...Put tape around all the doors of the other rooms because the black dust will go right through the house otherwise... Tidy up as you go and it won't look so bad.... Again, "don't" just rip it down, use a garden hoe or similar, and take it down small areas at a time. Finally If you're going to put up new plasterboard, take everything down"including" the old laths, and make sure all the old nails are removed from the joists. Then, after all that destruction, things will only get better. ;)

If you can get to it from the loft, then Tape the door closed & just kick it through from inside the loft.

The ones downstairs was quite tough, I ended up using the hook end of a crowbar & running the length between joists.... obviously you need to be carefull for wires, etc.

Also, the mortar stuff gets everywhere & burns your nosterils :LOL:

the worst part of it all is de-nailing :mad:
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goggles and mask and a strong long handle or bit of wood about 6 feet long if doing downstairs ceiling , if in loft then the old big foot job,
good luck , Andy
ta everyone much appreciated
any good ideas for best tool to use for denailing this kind of nail?
I've just taken out around 40sq.m. of plaster and lathe ceilings on our house and it was a horrible job. After doing half the house we found the best way is to try and suspend a strong tarpualin just below the ceiling to catch it all and this will reduce the dust. You can still only do a bit at a time as someone else said - it's very heavy stuff and it'll rip even the strongest tarpaulin so you'll have to keep emptying the tarpualin (let the dust settle first!!!!)

If you go into this excepting that you're gonna make a mess then you'll be fine.

Get some good facemasks and don't presume one will last you through the job - you'll be wanting to change to a new one before long!!!
Put a loft hatch in. I did that in my first house and the plaster promptly fell to the floor as I was nailing the last piece of architrave up to finish it off. Simple to take the laths down after that.
I've never tried this but I'm sure it would work. Get an SDS drill with a roto stop and a bolster bit. Just work your way along a joist at a time. Anyone actually tried it?

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