Lawn Sand treatment of Moss

17 May 2010
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United Kingdom
I have two large lawns which over the years became overgrown with Moss. So this year I treated it with lawn sand (recommended) and it turn ed half the garden black (the moss turns black). I start this weekend to use an electric rake to rake out the blacken moss. To my amazement I was raking up tonnes of the stuff. enough to fill 10 garden bags and that's just 1/4 of the garden.

My question is simply this.

Could the blackened moss be left to turn into compost on the lawn or should it all be raked out? Then sow grass seed where needed?
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As much dead moss as possible should be removed for a couple of main reasons.

It's been chemically treated so decomposition can be thwarted as the beneficial bacteria required to aid decomposition will be largely killed off by the residual chemicals. It will eventually decompose if you leave it but it'll take a lot longer than usual.

Leaving it down will aid the growth of new moss as the dead moss is creating the perfect environment for new moss to grow by acting as a water retaining mulch and blocking out light. This also prevents the grass growing due to the lack of light and the lack of ability to take in oxygen.

Get as much of the dead moss out as you can, overseed any really patchy areas and cut the grass higher than usual for at least four weeks to allow it to strengthen. Don't worry if the whole lawn looks patchy for a couple of weeks. The grass will come back.

If the lawn is poorly drained consider aerating and adding a drainage medium such as sharp sand to prevent the moss returning in force. If the lawn is shaded and you can remove anything blocking out light and it's feasible to do so then do that. If not overseed the lawn with shade tolerant grass.

Hope that helps.
You need to really rip it up and a badly affected lawn once scarified will look awful and hardly have any grass but don't be afraid as it will grow back so much better and not just be a spongy moss carpet.

Really what i am trying to say is the more violent you are the better.
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Many thanks for the advice. Looks like I need to get more garden bag and be prepared for a lot of work this weekend, weather permitting.

I noticed in some place when the moss (which is just like a carpet now) is removed, I'm just left with mud.

But I'll take your advice and be more violent. ;)

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