Leading brexiteer champions more immigration...

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Even Nigel would used the term "Controled immigration" do you not remember those two words on the run up to Brexit? It was banded round quite alot.....
His immigration policy was:

Immigration policy

In 2010, UKIP proposed certain changes in immigration policy, such as a five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement,
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No, never suggested tax before, I was merely agreeing with the 'brexiteer' that suggested it. I have however suggested something similar to. "freedom to work only in so far as for Europeans to fill jobs in the UK that cannot be filled by U.K. workers".
That's how Canada works
I don't suppose Canada has many European asylum seekers. :rolleyes:
Nor did they recently unilaterally exit any kind of cooperative working agreement with other nations.
Yes. If you read the links I posted, you wouldn’t ask such a silly, snippy question. As per my other thread, I know we have problems in the U.K. but so does every other country in the world and it’s not solely due to Brexit yet still some on here rub their hands with glee when they think it is while remaining blinkered with what is happening elsewhere in the world.
Perhaps you'd like to search the media for comparative news for other countries:

Recession looms as UK economy starts to shrink​

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Cobblers! "Filed notice of intention" and "proposing to appoint" is just material for your Brexit w ank bank. Sounds like ifs, buts and maybe's.
I would have thought you'd be aware of the damage to a company that such notices would bring. They aren't done lightly, nor with no reluctance.
Just out of curiosity do you read Private Eye? - that sentence would be a sure-fire smash in Pseud's Corner.
No, I don't read Private Eye, and I'm not conversant with Pseud's corner.
Very little is available on the internet without subscription. so I'm left in the dark, sorry.
No, its not. We have a long history of taking advantage of foreigners that come over here to work.
I don't think UK invented immigration. I suspect emigration was invented about 50,000 years ago, and immigration was the natural repercussion.
Perhaps you'd like to search the media for comparative news for other countries:

Ok. Will this do for you?

There's plenty more in the media if you care to look. I'm sure you know how.
Ok. Will this do for you?

You think that an end-of-year predicted poor performing last quarter is comparable to UK's woes?
The Bank of England has forecast a "very challenging" two-year recession.
The Bank of England expects the UK recession to be the longest since records began in the 1920s and said unemployment will almost double.
However, the UK is bottom of the G7 group of leading industrial nations for economic growth.

There's plenty more in the media if you care to look. I'm sure you know how.
Is that why you presented just the one?
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Sorry, how many did you present about the UK? Oh, just the one. How many would you like - the 'EU' is just one, isnt it?
I wasn't claiming there were lots available. I only needed one to make my point.
But there are plenty of others:

etc, etc.
All a bit pointless really, A number of countries may finish up in a recession. The main difference in the UK's case is growth problems before the current situation blew up. Taking the G7 most have shown growth post covid and recovered to precovid levels sooner. The UK took longer and growth more or less absent. Other countries may take longer to get into the no growth or recession areas.

World growth rates are expected to fall as well. They must expect a reduction in consumption probably down to what happens in the G7 countries so other countries will show less growth as well.
Economy's work on positives & Negatives.... the more Negative we are about brexit the more negative our economy will be... so I think your correct.

So chin up and think of England
Bodd, the way to sort out a mess is to deal with the root cause.

“you just have to believe harder” is not the way to deal with a mess
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