Poor old Tim...

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Expecting Coventry to be like a ghost town

they're fighting on the dance floor.

That's what the Specials were singing out, when Coventry had its massive slump and everything close, people were out of work etc. Dark times.
Loves that song as a kid, was only when I moved to Coventry that I discovered it was about Coventry!

I was there to look at Vans. Vauxhall was the only European manufacturer there.
Thats twice youve failed to say "Vauxhall was the only European van manufacturer there"

What were Citroen, Peugot and Isuzu UK showing?
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What do you think of it?.. I would but I want Auto.

bit agricultural but I quite like it
65000 miles no issues to date
Mine is long wheel base high roof
And it was cheap compared to what was on the market

think they have stopped that model now any way

£14500 5 year or 100000 mile warranty

don’t see many around here think I have seen 4 ???

one of our blokes has an auto transit
Another one has Trainspotter 4 motion used to have an auto trainspotter 4 motion

LDV g 10 comes with an auto in the range

well they are flogging the auto in Australia any way

g10 similar to the new transit shape
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