Leadloc or Philmac UTC?

29 Sep 2016
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United Kingdom
I'm replacing my lead water main and as part of this I have to cap off my existing lead supply at the boundary to my property. I have used leadloc a few years ago and was fairly happy with it. I've looked at leadloc type connections now and seen that they come with rubber type seals, I may be remembering this wrong but I thought the one I used years ago had a traditional metal olive? Have these changed?

Also wondering if the Philmac UTC connections are any good? The water company have fitted one of these when they did my water meter. Are they re usable?

I suppose the idea is to go lead to copper then stop the copper.

Also wondering if you can get a Philmac UTC stop end suitable for lead with ext dia of 23.42mm (I think it's 7lb X 1/2 inch)

I know in reality any of the above things would probably be fine but was just wondering what the forum may think?

Any help much appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply

I wouldn't want you to go to too much trouble and don't want to sound ungrateful but a pic won't really be needed. I just wasn't sure if I remembered it correctly, I realise leadloc is a brand and others will be different but even the ones I see online described as leadloc seem to have some sort of rubber seal.
Thanks again
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I think you can get a philmac 21-27mm, I've used them a few times as a DIYer and had no problems (including on a live water supply pipe - in my house, at the bottom of a 2 foot hole where I had about 20 seconds to get the fitting on before I was working underwater - hence not wanting to be shaving down pipes for leadlocs). I'm not sure if they do an actual stop end but when capping off I've always used the UTC to 25mm mdpe (usually from eBay) and bought a mdpe blanking plug from Toolstation for pennies.

I've re-used some that I used temporarily to bridge a section of lead supply pipe that was full of holes until I could replace the pipe - bit only because I'd fitted them carefully and inspected them otherwise I wouldn't risk it for £7-8.
Thanks for that, it may well be the option I go for. I did get it in my mind that I needed to convert the lead to 15mm copper then cap but I suppose I could use another option. Do you need to come out of the fitting with 25mm pipe and then fit a stop end or do the bung things I have seen get compressed in the fitting and effectively cap inside the fitting?

Thanks again
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Yes, it goes in instead of the pipe and it's a push fit on that side - just make sure it goes in properly as l seem to recall it being quite tight to push past the o ring. On the UTC side it's best to find a video on YouTube - there's 2 seals - you push the pipe past the first and screwing the big nut up pulls it the correct distance past the second. They're easy when you're confident you're doing it right.

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