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20 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi I need to connect to a water supply, but the incoming supply is an ancient stop tap and lead pipe. First idea was to leadloc onto the pipe but it's been cut off rite next to the tap, very close to where the lead pipe widens out as it goes over the tap. So dose anyone know just how much "straight" length of lead pipe I need to get a leadloc on there properly?

I should mention that I have no way of turning the supply off before this tap so can't cut through the pipe before the tap without freezing the it, which I don't really fancy trying TBH! :confused:

So do I have any chance of bodging a leadloc on... or if not any ideas anyone!!!??? :D

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No chance for getting a leadlock on there.

Here is a tip though that I've not used for a long time.

Melt off the lead joint from the stop tap and clean up the brass spigot.
Take a 22mm/15mm copper reducer and put the 22mm end over the spigot on the stop tap then feed in plenty of solder to the underside of the 22mm reducer insert a section of 15mm cu into the 15mm reducer end and solder up as normal.
A bit of a bodge you might think - but it does work!
under all the crud should be a half inch nut, dont think I have ever seen a tap with the lead directly connected to it.
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under all the crud should be a half inch nut, dont think I have ever seen a tap with the lead directly connected to it.
you have now ;) that stopcock is for internal use and it should have been one that you describe used underground - but even way back corners were cut :cry: Freezing is not such a bad option - you can check out the efficacy of the freeze by opening the tap and seeing how long a freeze lasts and if it`s effective - then repeat , cut out the tap and whip on the leadlok :idea:
Thanks for all the replies everyone! :D

exactly why do you not have access to the main stop tap in the road ?
Ive searched the back lane and can't find anything, I've also asked the neighbours on both sides as well who've lived there forever and still no joy afraid.

What is upstream of the stopcock?
Directly behind the tap is the property boundary wall and then a public alley.

Servotech, I had been thinking of taking the lead off the tap and how I would then connect onto it. Think I mite give your idea a go first before I try the freezing route (freezing it scares me! :LOL: ) Canny idea about testing the freeze on the other end before cutting it up though Nige F, I'll use that if I need to freeze it in the end!

Cheers again!!! :D
The method does work 100%.
Melt the old solder off (I always use a shavehook to assist in this) then clean up the spigot with emery cloth, then knock the Y6 on as far as it will go.

To check the freeze (if you do this) just squirt some freeze sray above where you have frozen it and if a frost forms on the surface of the pipe the freeze has been succesful !

PS I don't like freezing either :D
under all the crud should be a half inch nut, dont think I have ever seen a tap with the lead directly connected to it.

The lead as been wiped onto the brass stop tap, very common practice ;)
Apply for a new supply under the "Lead Replacement Scheme", its free.

You will have to install a new blue poly pipe from the inside to the boundary of the property though. But the advantage is you get to sell the old lead pipe to the scrappy!
Yeh I will be applying for a new supply under that scheme eventually and I have already installed the MDPE to the property boundary etc etc. Long story but I just need to temp connect up to the supply for a while before I apply. ;)
Just whack through it with a set of pipeslices and stick a pre assembled valve on a philmac on. It is only a half inch pipe you won't even get wet.
Well I finally got it sorted a few weeks ago, thanks to everyone and especially Servotech for your suggestions :D

It aint pretty but it works and will do me until I eventually get the old lead system replaced.


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