LED Kit for YALE Dummy Siren

24 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
Not sure if anybody has shared this before but thought itd be a good idea for any other would be YALE Alarm installers.


You dont need to use the outer casing, just the electronic internals which fit nicely into the dummy siren.

Instructions come supplied but you do need a soldering iron. There are probably LED kits out there ready made, but I thought this way was fun. Nice to make my Dummy Siren look 'live'.

Shame the proper Siren doesnt have a residual LED, but I suppose that'd be a constant drain on the batteries.

The battery should last 6 months, or a year if using a D Type 1.5V battery.
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Just to add here.

Whilst unsolicited private messages will generally be acknowledged and replied to. Asking about defeating a system will not be answered with anything but NO, SORRY Not going to happen.

So thanks for the message, now you have the answer on public as well as PM.
Alarm I am sure the op would not even have asked about defeating the alarm unless you had crassly and ignorantly said they were easy to defeat. He only asked - not because he wants to go out and defeat alarms but because you have made him worry totally unecessarily about the safety of his system.

OP - Don't listen to alarm he is a professional alarm installer and he comes on the 'diy' forum and continually bashes yale products because he has a vested interest to do so.

Once the siren is activated when armed it will continue to sound until its predetermined alarm length is finished. So hypothetically if the control panel is smashed to pieces the external siren will still sound.

As for the Panel - two systems i have installed have been the subject of people attempting to defeat the control panel. One by pulling the panel off the wall and hitting it with mole grips and stamping on it. They managed to leave footprints on the front and crack the lcd screen but the alarm still sounded and the next door neighbours called the police who interviewed the two dodgy so called security guards who were monitoring the estate.
The other instance were workmen on site who again could not defeat the alarm.
You can if you wish delay the control panels inbuilt siren so that it gives time for the panel to dial out and contact someone before attention is drawn to it.
The weak spot of the dialling out is the phone line which could hypothetically be cut. Of course this still does not stop the alarm and panel sounding and you know how loud that is.
In reality because the yale system is wireless and the siren is up on the wall with no wires leading to it you cannot silence the siren once activated without climbing up a ladder to get to the box and if you do that you have just done what you could do to every alarm in the country. Climb up and snip the wires to the sounder.
The truth is that the yale alarm is as safe from defeat as any other alarm in the country professionaly installed or not. Just don't listen to Alarm.
At the end of the day in any system you have pir movement sensors or magnetic contacts that send signals that set off a sounder. It's not rocket science and the circuitry in the yale will be almost exactly the same as the circuitry in any other alarm as they are all doing the same job.

Dont worry or make excuses about installing a yale alarm.

What happenned when your workmen showed up?
The alarm went off and called you - and when they stuck around it kept doing so.

I have been installing these alarms for some time and even I don't know of a way to defeat them.
Could I break into a home I had installed a system to without the alarm setting off? No and without knowing the code could I disable the panel without setting the system off - No.
Sometimes the difference between "defeat" and "render in-effective" should be taken into account when talking about any alarm system be it wired or wireless.

"That bl***y alarm is going off again, tenth time this week"

""Just ignore it and turn the volume of the TV up a bit""

Now many wireless alarms have a means of detecting jamming. They have to otherwise the signals from sensors cannot be received by the control unit be it a panel or the siren box. If the signals from the sensors cannot be received by the panel then the sensors cannot inform the control panel when they detect an intruder.

So what does the control panel do if it detects that it's radio channel is being jammed. Raise an alarm is the only thing it can do in that situation and many alarms will do that if the jamming lasts long enough to prevent the control unit "hearing" its sensors.

A similar system is included in wired systems. It is called the tamper circuit and this tamper circuit triggers an alarm if the wiring is interfered with. Tampering with the wiring is ( in a properly installed system ) only possible after the intruder is inside the protected area so is unlikely to happen before the alarm system has detected and reacted to the intruder.

Tampering with the "wires" ( the radio signals ) of a wireless system is possible without having to be inside the building and can be done from a location many yards away from the building.
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OP - Don't listen to alarm he is a professional alarm installer and he comes on the 'diy' forum and continually bashes yale products because he has a vested interest to do so.

Pure utter bull sh1te, look at the record of Yale here. Or any site TBH.
I assist where I can on a multitude of security products not scream anyone is the only and best to use as you do.

I could walk thru a Yale without much trouble and noise, the same as most DIY equipment.
There is a reason Yale and others are Grade 1, thats because they can be overcome without much difficulty. Or tools.
Or is there another reason they are not graded?

Make your comments based on fact, I cannot care less if others fit Yale as I know the business wil come to me eventually. I can wait and in the meantime go about my as you kindly say "Professional" way.
There must be a reason why so many "Professionals" will not use the product. Have you not realised this yet?

As before I will not tell others how to bypass systems on any forum where there are non professionals. Easy enough to understand why is it not? The better sites actually VET the users. So this does not happen.

You only seem to want to cause a argument and not contribute to other factors other than Yale, so who actually has the vested interest?

Not difficult to see is it.

Again to the OP, you fiitted it for peace of mind as you said in your private message, I can think of better things on my wall than a Yale to give peace of mind.
Like spend the money on good locks, then fit a decent system.
Vested interest, NO. Good advice yes.
I am not trying to cause an argument at all.
You have worried a poster by claiming the systems are easily defeated.
I simply put him right.You say you can walk through a Yale system??
Odd that as I have done lots of testing and strangely the alarm got me everytime either instantly in the case of a magnetic or via movement in the case of the pir.
Now ironically the simplest Yale alarm is theoretically the hardest to defeat.
I do not have a vested interest posting on here. I give free advice.
My only concern is not letting people like yourself talk nonsense and make unsubstantiated claims.
The consumer has made their choice about the level of protection they require.

I am new to this forum and was hoping to get good advice on things I dont know about and possibly give advice on things I do know about it. After all, it is a 'DIY' forum, not a forum to mock the 'unprofessional'. I design High Voltage electricity networks for a living for a DNO, just so you know my background.

The reason I sent private messages to various people who appear to be experts was to prevent exactly what has just happened in this thread. I have read other threads on this forum and it seems to be the same bickering going on. I think it is unprofessional by everyone to make claims and counter claims about their products because it ends up in a playground argument.

All I am asking for is some advice. I am trying to weed out any vulnerabilities that are within my control with the system I have bought. I made a choice. I merely wanted a visual deterrent, and something that would activate if any sensor was triggered. I was able to achieve this by spending £200 (including extra sensors, contacts and a remote keypad) rather than spending £800+ upwards as quoted by my house builder who has installed a 'pro system' in the house opposite me but does exactly the same thing as the Yale system I bought. Frankly, I can see no difference apart from the extra cost of Labour.

I have no intention to use the Yale system for cheaper home insurance, and do not care less what grading it is. It beeps, sounds, calls me if triggered. If for example, it was an erroneous system and triggered constant false alarms, then yes, I would consider upgrading to something a bit more professional. I do appreciate at times, you get what you pay for, but early days yet.

Yaleguy, to answer your Q, no they never figured out how to stop the siren or deactivate it without causing damage.

Anyway, this thread was for sharing the LED kit which I bought and installed in the dummy siren. Which I think in my opinion helps to make it look more 'live'.

Alarm and Yale, thank you for your responses. Appreciated but lets keep it friendly. Afterall, we all want to achieve the same thing... beat the burglar and keep things secure.

Time for more coffee.......
Thanks for the reply,
Yes many are aware of LEDs for dummy boxes and have been used for years.

We still do not give out defaulting nor defeating information to anyone who asks.

Your builder was obviously adding his labour into the equation. Something you seem to have failed to mention, unless he was asking £800 for the equipment.
Personally my external sounder cost almost as much as your entire system. But then again it is the best on the market IMHO.

Your statement about not caring less about grading seaks for itself. In the choice of system and asking how to defeat it.

Once again someone wants to pay next to nothing to have a "decent" system. Enjoy it, and the maintenance if you ever do so.

A nice ground arabian with two lumps of brown sugar please.
OP - Don't listen to alarm he is a professional alarm installer and he comes on the 'diy' forum and continually bashes yale products because he has a vested interest to do so. ...............
OP - Don't listen to yaleguy3 he is a professional alarm installer and he comes on the 'diy' forum and continually 'sells' yale products because he has a vested interest to do so.

Did I use the word professional?


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