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Looking for loft boarding advice

Discussion in 'Floors, Stairs and Lofts' started by Fissik, 31 Aug 2021.

  1. Fissik


    31 Aug 2021
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    United Kingdom

    Looking for some pointers on how to make our loft more usable for storage.

    Loft is fairly sizeable, think i measured it previously at 4m x 6m for the central portion before the slanted supports. This central portion has had 1" thick floorboards laid some time in the past but with a layer of insulation rolled out on top.
    The portion beyond the supports are just joists (2x6 at about 450mm apart) and a couple of layers of rolled out insulation.

    Currently we're storing a few thing on top of the insulation in the floored section but would like to get a better solution before winter.

    I have a few thoughts on how to approach useable but insulated storage but would like a second (and third opinion).
    1. Use the side portions somehow, either using those loft legs or some 2x4 with chipboard panels on top to create a raised platform. Only issue is having to get stuff through the 450mm gap between roof supports.
    2. Lift the floorboards, refresh insulation between joists then either cross-joint/sister and use more rolled insulation or use solid insulation boards and just lay directly on top of existing joists then re-lay floorboards.
    3. Insulate the rafters instead and remove the rolls on top of the floorboards.
    Advantage of #1 is that it's relatively quick and I'm comfortable doing it myself but still means we're walking over the insulation to get there everytime and we'll probably have to revisit later on.

    #2 and #3 are just too much work for the spare time I have right not so I'd have to get someone in to do it (for #3, it's about 60m^2 at a guess of roof to insulate).

    Originally we'd thought we might get it properly converted at some point but that's on hold as reading some of the building regs, since it's a 2 storey already and the staircase goes directly into living room then we'd have to look at a fire suppression system to be compliant with fire safety or something.
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  3. RandomGrinch


    15 Jun 2021
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    South Wales
    United Kingdom
    Hi, there are plenty of threads about loft boarding on here that might give you some other ideas.
    Personally, I have used the Loft Zone Store Floor

    This was a very simple DIY job and the parts were easy to get through a small hatch - although extending the hatch is another DIY job that really makes the loft a much more usable space.

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