Lost icons, default ones used.

25 Nov 2004
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United Kingdom
Vista, Office 2003. IE8

I think I’ve lost some icons, as for example I right click on ‘desktop’, ‘new’, the box lists Excel, Word, etc but they only have a default icon beside them. Like wise any Word or Excel file on the desktop has a default icon not the appropriate one for the file.
I’ve virus, spyware and malware checked OK. I’ve rebuilt the icon cache. Googled the problem without resolve so any ideas? Can someone tell me the path where these icons for Office and IE should be stored, are they *ico or in a library. If it is a lost library I may be able to restore it from Backups. OR is there a different cause?
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If the shortcut icons were on your desktop and have just 'disappeared', try pressing the F5 key and see if they return.
Shortcuts are there, its the shortcut or file icons that are wrong. The icon is not the appropriate one for the short cut. eg an excel shortcut should be a 'green X' but its a default icon 'looking something like a page with small folders on it' I could manually change it but 1) it shouldn't be wrong 2) i cannot find the right icon or know where the library/icons live.
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Sounds like the registry is somehow corrupt, do a system restore, as new programme installs can sometimes corrupt those graphics. ie when I run a full screen game, then it cuts to the desktop, the icons are default, until a refresh or reboot, but in your case seem permanent. Or download Ccleaner, to clean the registry.