Lotus Notes - Password Recovery

17 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
Problem - My logon password for notes vanished after a crash. No initial problem, as I could still get access to my e-mail without keying ina password. Unfortunately, I decided to try and get my password logon box to appear again - and went into file, tools, user ID and passwords. The clear password box was un-hilighted, so I clicked on set password, entered my password, and verified this password. Still the same problem. Gave it a couple of goes to no avail. Wondered if perhaps I was using the correct password, so keyed in another one I use, verified it and up came a message saying wrong password. No problem I thought until my machine locked and I had to Ctrl Alt Delete out and then re-boot. Now if I try an open Lotus Notes, up comes the notes 'Grey' screen, and then it exists and goes back to Windows desktop - so can't open Notes at all - Help!!!!!!!
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Breezer - Unfortunately not - It's my companies software and they hold the software. Usual story, shed load of work to do over the weekend, which is all in notes, and my IT guys have all got their phones off, which is probably quite sensible!
Link to Search

Take care you do not download something you did not want. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch ....... be wary out there !!
Best of luck ..

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Pipme - Many thanks for the link, however just got hold of my IT Manager, and he's going to mail me a new ID file, so hopefully problem solved, until the next time...................!